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How do I unblock or prevent blocking of MSN emails while traveling abroad?

Each time I have been in Europe , emails from my account have been blocked. I have been unable to obtain information from MSN about how to unblock or prevent blocking and hope someone on the forum can help. Thanks

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What device are you using to access them? If from a smart-phone you have to turn on data roaming. But it could be device specific. iphone? Android?

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You should contact them (MSN) and ask. Even if you have no cellular connectivity at all (wifi only) messages generally should get through without regard to your geographic location.

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This always happens to us traveling abroad whether using iphones or ipads. Get the MSN Authenticator app. Register each of your email addresses with this App. It will give you a code to unblock your accounts. It is maddening when you get totally blocked, can’t access reservations, TripItPro, etc. . This has happened to us for years, different phones and iPads, whether in Europe, Asia, South America, even in US sometimes too. I keep meaning to change to Gmail. But the Authenticator is a big help.

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We always have trouble with MSN abroad - or even when we're traveling in the States. We've set up another account, in gmail, that I use as my authorization account. When MS wants an authorization code, I have them send it to the gmail account, which always lets me in after answering a simple security question. Then I can give MS the code and get into our primary accounts.

Some services are requiring 2 or even 3 step verification, which can be difficult when traveling. If you're using a cell phone as your device, you might be able to get them to text you the authorization code each time.