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Hippo Wifi

Has anyone used the Hippo Wifi portable thing you can pick up at the airport? I want to make sure we have the use of Wifi at all time for maps and such. Does it hold a good charge? Were you able to use email, texting, facetime?

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Any reason you just don't use a smart phone? If your phone is unlocked, you can buy an inexpensive local SIM card that will allow you to use your phone as if you were at home. To rent the Hippo for two weeks costs over $70 and you have something else to drag around with you. According to their website, the battery is good for 6 hours usage. I could see using this if you had to connect multiple devices.

If you aren't familiar with cell phones and WiFi in Europe, check the "Phones & Tech" section under Travel Tips on this site.

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I just don't want to have to worry about unlocking my iPhone and like you said I have multiplied devices, 2 phones, an iPad and a laptop to connect.

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I haven't used this yet, but I acquired a smartphone that has wifi hotspot capability. In addition to the smart phone I will take a small laptop because I can't stand the phony keyboards on phones and tablets.

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I believe the hotspot feature, also known as tethering, is dependent on phone model and what service you have. I used a SIM card from Vodafone last year in Sicily. It worked great and I was able to tether my iPad to it. This year I'll look to pick up a SIM in London.