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Holafly esim

I hope that this is okay to post. I have been trying to find a good esim for my upcoming trip. This is a video that I thought was informative. It is not my video and I have nothing to do with the person who made it....

It seems like you can use Orange, Airalo or Holafly. I am trying to pick which one to use and have read, here on the board a little about Orange and Airalo.

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Well, this is definitely not a first time poster.

I did watch the entire video, and while the presenter used Holafly and was happy to say they were a partner, much of what she said (while very basic) was true. It is not a bad video to watch if the concept of esims is new to you. Find a few others, though, as well. I haven’t used Holafly but the process of using Airalo is the same as presented in the video.

Potential eSim users (and I now love esims) should just 1) check pricing; 2) be sure you know what you need and what is included (neither Airalo nor Holafly come with a telephone #); 3) understand the limitations (or inclusions) of your phone and your home plan.

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Agree with TexasTravelmom about everything she said. Also, Holafly has good reviews but from what I've heard, is one of the pricier options (but still cheaper than SIM cards). And as TTM stated above, there is no voice option for Holafly or Airalo.

If you don't need voice, go with the cheapest - the three above are all good options. If you do need voice, then go with Orange (and read one of TexasTravelmom's posts about Orange) since it does have a voice option, albeit a French phone number.