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We used this service for our 2 week trip to France that we just completed a few days ago. It made all of the difference in the world! We are going to sell our old European GPS Garmin now and use this service from now on with our IPad and its location service. I am a good navigator and it was a joy to be able to use our IPad because no matter where we were-even on the country roads of Provence- we had WiFi. Made this trip and our travels so easy! Even as we walked to streets in Paris in new neighborhoods we were able to see exactly where we needed to this! It is a trip changer!

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Thanks Jane. We are looking to get a pocket WiFi but don’t know which one to get for our 2 weeks July trip. In the past, we got sims card but we found that we spent at least 2-3 hours of our time waiting in line to get the card then once we got it, we can’t use it well as it is in a foreign language. We had this in Rome and Portugal. Jane, Which company do we rent this pocket WiFi? Thanks.

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Yeah, I'm glad I bought my Dutch Vodafone SIM on eBay so I didn't have to wait in line for 2-3 hours - sheesh! It was great to land in Italy and have a working phone immediately. Using it for a WiFi hotspot on trains and buses for my laptop was helpful as well.