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Help with Headphones

Hello. My husband and I are on the 7-days London tour in August. My husband wears hearing aids. Its suggested that my husband bring headphones, rather than ear buds, to listen to the guides. His hearing aids are the behind-the-ear type with tiny tubes that run into his ears to little thingies in his ears. I don't know what type of headphones to buy. There are over-the-ear and on-the-ear types. Can anyone who has experience advise me as to which headphones worked well for him/her? Thanks much, Linda

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I had the same problem while on a tour to Greece in March. My hearing aids are very high tech and run bluetooth technology for talking on the phone, gps etc. I control volume from the app on my phone. With that said, the tour company did not have any option other than to leave my hearing aids in and stay close to the guide. They loaned me a new device they had just purchased for travelers like me that I was supposed to just wear around my neck and it was to "talk" to my hearing aids, but they did not work. We have three more international trips coming up this September, Christmas and next April. I really hope someone comes up with a workable solution for those of us wearing hearing aids since they are not uncommon for travelers with the company we usually travel with.

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What about asking his audiologist for recommendations? Hopefully, others who have used the headphones in these situations will add their advice, too.

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Your husband really needs to try them on before buying them. We have both Sony and Bose over the ear headphones. Both have very soft cuffs on the ear pieces. DH has to play around with them to get them in the right position, but they work for his aids which have behind the ear pieces. He had to try several before buying these.

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I took RS tours of Rome and Sicily last month and on both of those tours the group was issued a device to hang around our neck with a single line running up to a single ear plug/phone. I wear hearing aids similar to your husbands. and had read the "fine print" in the RS tour literature related to hearing aid users. I took my over the ear expensive headphones to plug into the supplied device but due to the drain my big headphones would create, I would have ran down the small battery in the supplied device quickly, I made due with taking out one hearing aid, installing the supplied earphone, and trying to stay close to the guides. This was only partially successful. I did not bring along a very good pair of earphones that go into my ears that I have that I could have plugged directly into the supplied device and was sorry I did not bring them. Next time. Prices for earphones are all over the map with some cheap ones available for under $10 to very good ones around $300. Do not buy real cheap ones if you can afford better ones but you do not have to spend $300 either.

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Try Aftershokz. They fit on the bone in front of your ear rather than in your ear or over your ear and plug into the whisper system your guide gives each person in the group. My husband and my neighbor, both of whom wear glasses and hearing aids, both love them and find them easy to use.