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How do I Bold a letter or word?

I added an entry to the “Traveling through the Alphabet” thread (longest in RS history?) but did not properly bold the word like everyone else did. How do I do that for next time?

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When you add a reply directly below the words "Add Reply" is a B and an I

You highlight the text you want to be 'bold' and then click on the B

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You can also press B, type what you want within the ** (it will say strong text), then move the cursor outside of the ** to complete your post.

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Or type two asterisks before and two asterisks after the text you want in bold

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And know not all entries in that thread requires bold. We just love to read the wonderful entries.😁

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Remember you can always go back and edit your earlier response.

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Any text that has one asterisk before and after it is in italics.

Any text that has two asterisks before and after it is in bold.

And now for a hidden feature that isn't mentioned in the link above:

Any text that has three asterisks before and after it is underlined.

The underline does not show in the preview window, where it will show as bold italic. But it will be underlined in the actual post.

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you can always go back and edit your earlier response.

However, the system treats an edit like a new post, and brings the thread back to the top.

If noticed that if I revisit a thread where I have a previous post and notice and change a grammatical error, that this changes the date of the thread to make it current as of the edit date, which brings it to the top of the list. I'm not sure if you even have to physically change the post; maybe just clicking on edit, then on save changes will do it.

This is a handy way to drive a "spam post" down. By updating any of your posts on earlier thread of the same forum, you bring that thread to the top and push the spam down on the forum.