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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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First Aid Kits
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First time on a RS tour - signed up for Scotland 2022
whisper 16
First time packing for two climates. Help.
Sue 7
First time to try carry on only..
S J 19
First time traveler. Packing/overall advice??
fmarvette 34
Five weeks in Netherlands over Christmas - What's in my bag
Nance 16
Flat Things
kathleen 31
Fleece for Layering
Jill 12
Flight entertainment
rjnail81 30
flying Easyjet Amsterdam-Venice Venice-Paris how strict are they with carryons and size?
Destiny 13
Flying with a head cold - any tips?
Motorgirl 15
Flying with an Insulin Pump
brando 4
Fold-over method illustrated
avirosemail 12
Follow Rick’s advice- carry on
Carol 9
Followup RE: 5-month Itinerary Luggage Situation
oliviamnotter 2
Food52 reviews some carryons
bogiesan 3
For fun...more packing & Sarah
Wray 17
For Ladies Who Pack Leggings
Ellen 16
For men only: How to pack a suitcase
khansen 10
For Merino wool fans---a less expensive option from Patagonia
Sasha 4
For people who travel with a backpack…hip belt vs waist belt vs no belt
Lyndash 24
For the Ladies: How Not to Look Like a Frizzy Mop Head?
crwawro 46
For those who don't wear money belts...
Wray 61
For those who've been asking...
Mona 7
For those with security backpacks...travelon, pac safe, etc.
Wray 25
Found!? Best ‘normal’ purse style for travel
Leslie 38
Found my new favorite travel pant (for women)
Lola 9
Found some good travel things at the Dollar Tree
Shelley 28
Four Packing Report Summaries
PandaBear 27
France in two weeks - packing for a man
jgallardy 7
France Spain Iceland end of April/May
diversions365 5
front pockets
bsfmtb 4
Full weight of your luggage versus the carryon only
Wray 28
Funny alternative to a money belt
horsewoofie 5
FYI Columbia shirts on sale
Libby 1
FYI - Vanquest Addax 18 Day Pack
Sun-Baked in... 3
Garment sleeve for a carryon
wildcatmcc 15
Gate-checked cabin bags
Muriel S. 9
Gentlemen...will you give advice on your packing list?
Lulu 27
Germany - Going through customs with prescription medication?
rtinsley84 10
Get rid of big pill bottles but keep labels
nellie 21
Getting a c-pap ... and how best to pack and carry ...
SharYn 14
Getting meds filled early for the trip.
Mr É... 23
Getting Older ... Pack a Teenager
Sun-Baked in... 29
Gifts for Travelers
MHA 45
Give yourself some slack on packing light
cchapin100 42
Global Entry Card Activation
slbdaisy 2
halfdozmom 19
gloves for the Zugspitze
Libby 2
Going lightweight: What kind of bag for exploring for the day while luggage is in hotel?
zimm17 33