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First time to try carry on only..

Airlines are all charging $60 or more per flight to check a bag now, (that's Canadian $); as well as to choose your seat ($68 CAN) ; adding $256 CAN to my flight if I chose them all (Grrr… What?!... #&#X) .
I want to really try and go with a carryon bag only to Italy early September, to avoid paying even more money .
I've always checked a bag on every other trip.
At least it will still be hot/warm, so clothes will be thinner!
My question is: flying from Canada to Italy, and back through Munich: is it allowed these days to take a tiny pair of tweezers, some small nail clippers, and a disposable ladies razor in a carryon bag these days?
Airlines are Air Canada, Lufthansa, Air Dolomiti; though it will be the airport security that will determine yes or no.
I always pack these in checked luggage.
I suppose I can always buy them there, but would rather take the ones I like.
(Already packing in my mind...….)

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I carry all of those 3 items (men's shaver not women's) and no one has stopped me or asked about such items for at least 5 years.

I never check luggage, even on extended European vacations of up to 3 months. I fully expect to spend time doing laundry somewhere on any trip I take that is longer than a week. First, I don't have enough clothes to pack enough to last longer than that. Second, even if I did have that much clothing to carry I don't want to because that would mean I would have to check something and checked baggage reduces your flexibility in case of last second flight changes.

Just make sure whatever bag you take fits within the smallest measurement allowed by each of those airlines. Otherwise you might end up being forced to check the bag anyway.

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My husband and I have flown and traveled in Europe from 14 to 21 days with carry-on only. I am not sure about the razor, but the other two items don't seem like a problem. If they happen to get taken, you can pick up all three inexpensively once there. The same with other "maybe I will need this" items. Shopping for little things is part of the fun for me when overseas anyway.

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I have traveled many places in Europe with all three and the only problem I ever had was on a trip to Cuba. No problem getting my tweezers in, but leaving they were confiscated. I think the female agent just liked them and they were probably not easily available in Cuba. Of course, they were my favorite ones.

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All those things are fine. A razor with a straight blade (not the plastic disposable ones) wouldn’t be allowed. Normal nail clippers and tweezers are fine too. Oddly sharp scissor ones may not. I suppose an overeager agent could confiscate anything, but I’ve never had it happen in years of frequent flying. If for some reason they do have a problem then they will take the item - you won’t be in trouble and can just replace it when you arrive. Again, never happened to me or my family.

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Yes, all of these can go in your carry on luggage. I take all of these with me to Europe twice a year (more or less). However, you will also want to go onto each airline's website and find out both the SIZE (see length, width, and height) and the WEIGHT limits allowed for your main carry on suitcase. For some European airlines, the weight limit is 8 kilograms. I rather slid through Alitalia a couple of weeks ago in Catania, Sicily, and managed to not get my bag weighed, even as the ticket agent at check in was telling my sister that the limit was 8 kilos. (I also carry a ginormous "purse" into which I can put many heavy things. I also, if need be, wear a rain jacket with very big pockets.) Airport security doesn't care about the size or weight of your carry on. That will be up to both the ticketing agent at the main front desk at check in, and the gate agent, when you are about to board the plane. For what it's worth: I've found that the bigger airlines often have less onerous rules (never had a problem with Air Canada, United, AA, or Delta); Air Dolomiti might be the more restrictive of the airlines that you will be flying.

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There's carry on and then there is European carry on. I fly carry on only, but it includes a 'personal item' and definitely more than 10 kilos together...I go for 3 weeks and have things like binoculars involved.
Air Dolomiti is going to be the challenge. It keeps saying 1 item for carry on.
there are 'rules' that say the originating flight allowance dictates all connecting flights but if Air Dolomiti is a separate flight from AC or Lufthansa or your originating flight for return home, then you are stuck with their rules.
(some take advantage of clothing with big pockets....)
Otherwise, they clearly say your items will be allowed.

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Have you looked at Sarah Murdoch's video "Packing Light and Right" in Rick's travel talks section on this website? She's the packing light guru. She chooses clothes based on weight. I choose clothes based on how fast they will dry. You should take a microfiber towel to use to wring out the clothes you wash in the sink so they will dry more quickly. And of course, there's lots of packing light info on this website.

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Since you've got some time and now have the tweezers/nail clippers/razor question answered, I'd start packing on paper. That is advice I read here many years ago and have developed a packing list that I use every time. I have separate spread sheets for toiletries/electronics/medicines/misc and clothing.

Start with your clothing and pare down to 3 bottoms, 4 or 5 tops, a long sleeve layer and a waterproof layer. Every top matches every bottom matches the LS layer. Add in unders, sleepwear, 1 extra pr of shoes.

Toiletries can be heavy!

You'll also want a light bag to start with because it's no use trying to get under a certain poundage if your suitcase weighs almost that amount.

The razor rule is this: if the blade is "built-in" to the razor handle or cartridge and cannot be removed without destroying the handle or cartridge - it's good to go for flying. So, only the "old-fashioned" blades that drop into the handle and are fastened-in are illegal.
Use packing cubes! Helps more than you think with "one bag" travel. - Ebags Classic cubes in bright colors are my favorites. (Bold colors makes them easier to see and less likely to get left behind.)
(Ebags should be giving me some freebies by now for as much as I recommend them.)

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The only time I had a problem was at Nairobi airport. security seemed alarmed at my tweezers.

I use a Venus Snap Razor. I take it out of its case, remove the handle from the head, and put the parts in a pill ziplock. I also put two spare heads in an additional pill ziplock.

Toiletries can be heavy!

Great point Pam!

OP, one place you can save a lot of weight and bulk is with toiletries.

Please use the time NOW to decant your toiletries into itty bitty bottles. Don’t wait until the last minute! You’ll only need 1 oz or so of most things like face moisturizer, foundation, etc. I’ve only brought the 3 oz bottle for things like sunscreen.

You can also get solid versions of many products. I like these Olay cloths. I usually cut them into quarters for daily use.

But first timers almost always bring way too much:

  • toiletries
  • shoes
  • pants
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I always travel carry-on and had all three items (tweezers, disposable razor & small nail clipper) in my toiletries bag for dozens of international trips. Imagine my surprise in little Rhodes, Greece, to have a securities agent open my suitcase, find the toiletries bag, unzip it, dig out the small nail clipper & closely examine it, finding a small nail file & little hooked implement that could be pulled out of the clipper, like a Swiss Army knife. He said both were illegal and if I wanted to keep the clipper he’d have to remove them! I told him to go ahead so he snapped them off. Very weird.

But to be safe, make sure your nail clipper does not have any little implements attached.

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I remember my poor father lugging around all my mother's "stuff" in suitcases. Our family rules are that everyone must be able to carry their own luggage.
My wife has seen the light, and she uses a TravelPro 21" swivel wheel ultra light carry on bag. And she has an oversize handbag for medicines, etc. I use the same bag and a small backpack for snacks, etc.
We can travel indefinitely using Rick Steve's luggage checklist with some modifications to keep us under 22 lbs.

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All these tiny little personal items are just about as available in Spain as in Canada. Stop worrying now; go shopping there.

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I usually do an emery board instead of clippers and I've never taken tweezers, but I have taken disposable razors and those seemed to pass through security just fine. I actually put them in my liquid bag so the person watching the scanner can see them separately and know for sure what it is.

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The only time I have ever had any toiletry items be a problem was about 7 years ago, flying out of Paris. The agent studied my tiny manicure scissors for some time, and even conferred with another agent. The scissors passed, but my nail file was confiscated.

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Good for you for trying carry-on only! I've taken all those things to Europe five times now, never an issue. And, if you have to give them up, no real worries, you can buy some when you get to your destination. Enjoy your trip.

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That $60 savings for just one bag on one flight will pay for all your gelato for your trip! Ah, a sweet reward! Seriously, we were forced to go carry-on for our first RS trip back in 2003, and we like it so much that we've never checked a bag again during our trips to Europe. Lots of great advice on this Forum in this category!

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"All these tiny little personal items are just about as available in Spain as in Canada. Stop worrying now; go shopping there."

I'd like to shop in Spain…..but I'm going to Italy, as stated! ;)

I've travelled to Europe many many times, so I already have teeny bottles to put toiletries in from all my previous trips; and have used packing cubes for years and I do pack light.
I've just never gone all carry-on before.
Doesn't hurt to be reminded though.
Thanks to those who responded to my question about implements.