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Five weeks in Netherlands over Christmas - What's in my bag

Color theme: dark red/black and blue
In RS convertible backpack for carry on: Final bag weight = 20.00 lb.
money belt
8 long sleeve shirts - 1 dressy
black fringed cowl tunic sweater - dressy or not
Tek Gear yoga pant - for when I don't want to be dressed but not be in pj's
Cuddl Duds black fleece top/bottom for pj's- both can double as base layer. Top can be worn as shirt.
light cotton 3/4 sleeve top as pj top
1 cami
5 panty
2 bra
4 merino wool socks
lightweight slippers
Land's End thermaskin black top/bottom
navy cord legging
cuffed jeans
black cord pant
Columbia dark red fleece vest
Teva waterproof high boots burgundy/gray
fur cloche
2 pr. gloves - 1 dark red, 1 black.
1 scarf
Everything is packed into three medium ziploc compression bags

Wear on flight-
neck wallet to hold passport
black cami
Dressy black/white shirt
black cord leggings
compression knee highs
Teva waterproof black low boot
Free Country faux fur lined rain jacket with removable hood
Purse: Travelon cross body signature slim pouch. I've used these as daily purses for the last two years and love them.

Day bag - Laurel Burch large cat zipper top tote - will hold jewelry, tablet/cords, meds, 3-1-1, misc. on way over and serve as suitcase for overnight trips. I used to carry this daily as a purse.

Long boots are packed because although I can easily walk in them all day, I have nervous legs and could not bear to wear them while just sitting on such a long flight.

It took some trial packing to keep the weight down to manageable yet still take the few extra shirts/pants and the extra set of lounge wear that I want. There were several things that just had to stay behind because of weight or being too fluffy. All clothing is nice-casual that will be appropriate for any venue we plan to visit. Overall I am pleased since this is the approximate weight I carried on our fall trip last year.

Flying - Tuesday, 6 Dec, 2016. Amsterdam, Here I come!

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Looks perfect to me - have fun! How many days will you be in Amsterdam?

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I think you've got the potential cold and damp covered. Good luck with the Florida back to winter transition and have a ball!

EDIT: the only thing I can think of to critique on your list is 8 shirts. I've packed for 4 months before and I've never taken so many shirts. I just hate it when I get to the end of my trip and I have one or two things in my suitcase I've not worn. Even with only packing about 5-6 shirts for a one month trip, it's usually one of the shirts that didn't get worn.

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Looks great. Packing is a every personal thing and some of it comes down to how often you want to do laundry. I confess that the one thing I have increased over the years is how many underwear and socks I bring. I just got tired of having to hand wash every other night and constantly having stuff drying in the room. Have a great trip.

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I agree with Connie. I pack more underwear and socks. I also pack only 4 or 5 blouses or shirts. Three pants at the most. However, 20 lbs is also my weight limit...because the underseat bag adds some weight we always forget to mention. What we pack is extremely personal so as long as you don't exceed your weight limit, you have done well. (After all, Sarah Murdoch packs her pillow!) To each their own. This sounds like a wonderful trip! Wray

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Looks good!

The only thing I would add is a neck gaiter. Feeling the cold is relative - I can probably tolerate more cold than you can BUT I can't stand my face to be cold. If my face gets cold my teeth hurt so I always have a neck gaiter with me. Your scarf may work for that, but I still like the tighter feel across my face. While I have transitioned mostly to wool layers I still have my older fleece neck gaiter because really they don't wear out.

Here's what I'm talking about:

Not sure you want to make the trip over to Jax to REI, though!

Have a wonderful time!

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My comments for packing lighter next time:

I count 9 shirts and 5 pants total. That seems excessive to me. You can do with 5 shirts and 3 pants.

You could wear your long boots on to the plane and then take them off at your seat. Put on your slippers for the flight.

A fur lined coat isn't very packable. It's something to think about if you are ducking in and out of museums, etc. Do you plan to check it at each location? My preference is a nano-puff under a waterproof rain coat. That gives me more options for temperature swings.

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Yes, packing is a personal thing. I got totally sick of the clothing I had last time when we were there for a month. I only took six shirts and one of them was short sleeved in case it was warm. It wasn't, so I never wore it. I vowed to take more this time. We will be visiting with other people a few times so I like to have something decent to put on at night other than fleece pj's. I guess I could wear the boots on the flight and just unzip them. As for the coat, there's no changing that. I fly in less than 24 hours. It is a light coat but warm so I am happy with that choice. I don't foresee having to check it at museums as we never stay more than two hours at a time.
Pilgrim, we will be in the Netherlands for five weeks. Pam, I did pack hubby two neck gaiters so I can steal one of his.

Thanks everyone for comments.

And now it is a few hours later and I have been thinking about culling that bag. Ha!

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I did remove the Tek gear pant, a merino top base, and I wore the boots on the plane. No trouble with the backpack. The day bag holding tablets, low boots, sundries was somewhat heavy but some of that will be used up while here. Had no problem transporting bags through the airport's, and we took the train in from Schipol and then walked with them to our apartment. Looks like the coat will do fine by itself for weather in the forties, and can be teamed up with thermaskin or fleece vest should it get really cold.

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There is nothing more exciting than the beginning of a trip. Have a great time.

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Many museums have coat rooms (staffed) where you get your stuff back by turning in a token, or lockers. Even in a small museum, lugging my coat around was not fun.

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Thanks, ladies. Zoe, good to know about the lockers- thank you.

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I don't know whether they use the same coin-operated lockers in the Netherlands, but in Germany the locker fee at museums is often 1 euro, but the mechanism is designed to accept either 1-euro or 2-euro coins. You will not receive change if you insert a 2-euro coin.

Somewhere I encountered a museum locker that returned my coin when I re-inserted the key, but I don't remember where that was. It might have been in Spain. It's something to watch for, though.

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So far I have worn..... everything! Temps have mostly been in the 40's and I've been good with just my coat and scarf or fleece undershirt and coat. Yesterday temps fell to the 30's with windchill of 27. Cold, cold, cold for a FL girl and we had a canal cruise last night. I had on a cami, both fleece and thermaskin layers, sweater, fleece vest, coat, scarf, and cap. I looked like the Michelin Man but I was warm! Last night was the first time I have needed the vest but I was thankful I had brought it.
The most useful thing I have brought is my big square scarf. I fold it into a triangle so it covers my neck and chest.
Having a marvelous time here!

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And the museum lockers have ranged from 50 cent to 1 euro. You get your coin back when you open the locker to leave. The lockers at most big museums accept 1 or 2 euro coins.

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Glad you are having a nice time, Nance! Thanks for the updates.