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Tourist Scams

Know the game

Tourists are targeted by scam and rip-off artists everywhere in Europe. If you know the games (spilling the mustard, bus 64 in Rome, and so on), you're less likely to be a victim. By sharing the latest scams (and learning from each others' mistakes) we'll all travel more safely.

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Spilling the Mustard?
Donna 4
steal all your money from your credit cards- when you put your card into the machine
lonney finigan 14
St Petersburg and Nevsky Prospekt bump and pickpocket
Tim 3
jayhamps 17
Taking U-Bahn in Berlin
tony.freeman.... 24
Taxi drivers
Okieandy 1
Taxi drivers from Termini- frustratring!!
Kristen 8
Taxi Scams Rome (Fiumicino) International Airport
m.wcrawford47 8
The Big Squeeze trick.
vandenplas 16
The darker side of pickpockets.....
Ken 9
The dishonest official Paris taxi drivers
Pom Pom 28
The Monk Scam.
Francis 10
The "ring scam" and "petition girls" in Paris.
pat 34
The Security of a Daypack and Neck Wallet
Steve S 30
Tourist Scams in Ireland?
Joseph 14
Tourist Scams that migsht not be
MC-Glasgow 14
Travel Club Contest -- Scam or Legit?
ted 7
Travel Documents
johnna 3
Travel with passport or leave in hotel?
kacikohlhepp 40
Tricky Italian car rental company
onder.uretmen 7
UK post card scam
Slate 12
Vacation Rental By Owner scam
MTS--1000 13
"VaultPro" bag was not slash-proof
Grace 4
VELIB Is A Rip Off!
millerr1775 17
Venice Picture Scam - women on stilts
Acacia 10
Venice Restaurant charges
David 15
Very High currency fees at some airports
Barnstormer 14
Very slick conversion rate scam buying theater tickets in London
Ray T 14
Viagogo Ticket Scam (Oberammergau and other events)
Anna 2
artiberius 23
Viator Data Compromise
christa 4
Larry 31
Warning to Sorrento/Naples Visitors:
robertcartera... 42
Was this petition a scam
bookman6094 13
Watch the big notes and the pause in change exchange
donna 6
sbaker132 1
What are some of the tourist traps in Europe?
Lane 50
What HomeAway/VRBO Doesn't Tell You About Not Refunding Your Money
Lindy 34
What if?
lindanjim 71
What is a scam?
jayhamps 27
What Is A US Passport Card & Why You Might Want One!
WhateverLA 13
What is the meaning of Prague (Praha)?
kb1942 11
What restaurant scams do French people worry about?
Philip 5
When asked for a pin with a credit card purchase
mikernben 19
When booking rooms before of after your tour
gallen 5
Why would i use Europcar again when they scammed us for insurance $650
ainslieberyl 15
WP Article Regarding Common Scams
Maryam 5