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Rovinj Istria Croatia- Harbour Market Fruit - Thief

Four of us had the opportunity to visit lovely Roninj in mid-September. We walked around the port, had lunch overlooking the bay, did some shopping then decided to check out the market near the harbour. Unfortunately we encountered a complete sleazebag of a vendor who was selling grapes. The guy was a real 'piece of work'. He holds up a lovely bunch of grapes, then when you agree to buy some, he pretends he is putting the grapes you have chosen into a bag, while diverting you by talking the entire time..."where are you from..blah,blah,blah". Then he weighs them, takes your money and thinks the transaction is done. Fortunately I looked in the bag, and to my dismay found a pile of rotten grapes at the bottom, then another half rotten bunch on top. So ...while he is doing his 'fast talk' routine he is actually using another bag that is already half filled with rotten fruit. I protested he had given me rotten grapes. He tried to tell me they were a 'bonus' and push me off. I demanded loudly that he give me my money owed as the weight was dishonest, plus some good grapes. He tried to ignore me.After protesting loudly that he was a thief, which of course attracted attention, he reluctantly gave me some coins then told me to leave immediately. I know from the look in his eye, which me friend can attest to, he really wanted to physically shove me away. I left of course. When I looked at my change later, some of it was currency from another country. I have a picture of this louse if anyone wants one. He gives the market and the town of Rovinj a bad name. I am sure he has done this to countless tourists. The experience certainly left the taste of 'sour grapes' in my mouth. I did contact Rovinj Tourism Board.

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Thank you for sharing your experiences with the travel forum. I am sorry that this happened to you but glad that you noticed and were courageous enough to challenge him on his dishonesty. Unfortunately there are "bad apples in every barrel" no mater what country you go to.

To all Travelers: Always be willing to stand up for yourself, question things that seem "hinky" and carry yourself with dignity & determination. This will lessen your chance of being scammed. However, If you do get scammed... post your reviews (vent your spleen) then let it go! Don't let their dishonesty ruin your vacation or opinion of all the other wonderful people out there.
Happy Travels!