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Salt Mines Berchtesgaden

Their card machine was down and I didn’t have cash to pay so I bought a ticket using their website. Well guess what, they charged me but never sent me a ticket. I checked my spam and even my trash inbox’s. I searched across all emails on phone for “salz” that should pull it up. Nothing. They have weird process where after going to their site and booking a time, you get a pre purchase email. You must click the link in that email to be taken to actual site to purchase a ticket. I got the initial email but never got a ticket after paying. I filed a merchant claim with my credit and emailed the company. I’m just annoyed, their agent told me to buy another ticket in hopes of it triggering an automatic cancellation of 1st charge. I was off put by the entire experience though and decided to go back to Salzburg.

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I am sorry this happened to you.
I will add that I had a fairly negative experience at this site.
I found that the staff were unwelcoming and rude. This wasn't a cultural difference as we found Germans at other sites very friendly and helpful. The tour was only worth it in hindsight because I have wanted to see a salt mine and now I have. However, the tour was completely underwhelming, the guide was bored, the guide did not allow for any questions. They had some weird special affects lighting displays that a middle school child could have set up. I found the whole thing bizarre.

The slides were fun.