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Safe to leave bags checked at train station?

In Rick's Italy Guide book he mentions Bag Check at the train station or other places, but I am concerned if they are safe. Specifically, I would like to check our bags in the Pompeii Scavi train station pay luggage storage. That way we could visit Pompeii on our way from Rome to Sorrento and not have to back-track. Any concerns about stolen or pilfered luggage?

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We have checked our luggage at various Bag Drops at train stations throughout Italy and we never had a problem. Use common sense as to what you leave in your luggage and you'll be fine.

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I've put bags in lockers all over Germany and never had a problem. However, it's never been more than for a few hours. Note that many lockers have a 24 hour limit. For longer periods, use a manned bag check, if they have one.

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Take your valuables with you (passport, credit cards, etc) and leave the rest in the luggage storage. I've used them in several places and would not worry about them. Be sure to keep the ticket if it's an automated system and don't forget which locker/s you used.

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I've left checked bags in train stations a few times. It was only for a day or half-day of sightseeing and never had a problem. I agree with the advice to keep as many valuables with you as possible (passport, credit cards, cameras etc.)

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I have used bag checks in Italy and they have always been checked with a person running the bag check service, I don't think there are any lockers in Italy any more. The person made copies of our passport and provides a claim ticket that you will use to claim your bag when you are ready. Other travelers should not have any opportunity to have access your bag and I have never had an issue with lost or stolen items.

A quick google search makes it appear that there is not a left luggage area at the Pompeii Scavi train station, but there is one at the site itself. Also, make sure you know the operating hours so you can claim your bag when you are ready.

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yet another reason to travel with nothing of any value to anyone else, so you have nothing to lose.

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The closest I came to trouble was a faulty locker in Madrid. Was able to get security to open it. Otherwise no trouble. I wouldn't leave money or passports, just in case.

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I leave luggage at baggage storage all over Italia, I have never had a problem. As noted, keep valuables with you. And, note the opening/closing times (one person on staff will take breaks and close for lunch/dinner). Also, allow for a line at some of the busier stations during peak times.

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There is no more risk checking your bags at a train station than there is checking your bags with an airline, or leaving your bags at the hotel after checkout. When doing any of those, don't leave anything in them that you can't live without.

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To add to the me toos, I stowed my bags in Ostende in September without any trouble.

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As others I have never had any trouble leaving my luggage in the locker or manned luggage storage.