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Rome tour guides

Any suggestions for reputable group tour guides that will show some highlights of Rome. Will be there the first week of April and happy to go with a group for a couple of hours per site. Found ‘ tours by locals’ and couldn’t believe the prices! I need something far less expensive!

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why is this in the scams area and not in the Italy Forum?

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My wife and I went to Rome on our own for 2 days after a Villages of Italy tour. I found a gentleman by the name of Stuart Harvey online. We splurged and got him for the entire day for just the 2 of us. He was excellent and worth the money... €400 for 8 hrs. When you don't want to waste valuable vacation time standing in line waiting for tickets, etc., do this. We told him the general areas we wanted to cover. He got advanced tickets for a few places and we went right to the head of the line in several places. He did a great job showing us a few out of the way places and told us the history.

Very good.

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As noted above, this inquiry is not in the correct forum / thread. PM the Webmaster to have the whole thread moved to Italy

Aside from that, here is a list of popular tour companies I suggested for another poster the other day.

Browse through and compare. Most have similar itineraries, amount of people, pricing. Some have the early entrance. Look for discounts on their sites or if calling, inquire about discounts. (Dark Rome and City Wonders are sister companies)

Keep in mind the time of year you will be traveling. Of course, high season will have abundant crowds, long lines in some cases.

Rome is beautiful. A lively, active, outside walking museum. Happy planning. Have fun.

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hi, I think you have postponed your trip. Anyway if you go to Rome in the future you can use the subway that goes everywhere. It is very cheap and easy to use

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Coming in late here but a comment from the post above for anyone using this thread for their own research:

Anyway if you go to Rome in the future you can use the subway that
goes everywhere.

IMHO, Rome's metro has only two lines, A and B, which are of use to visitors, and neither of them operate inside a significant section of the old city.

Line C is only partially built and its route isn't of value most tourists. While the A and B lines can be useful for trips between certain attractions, your own two feet are the best means of travel between most others if you don't suffer from mobility restrictions. Unless totally pedestrianized, buses also serve areas that the metro lines do not. For a more detailed illustration of where the metro stations are (and where they aren't) reference a more comprehensive internet map of Rome.