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Ripped off by official bus company ticket seller at Uzunçayir bus station, Istanbul

First time I've posted to this section but I'm really annoyed by what happened to me this morning. I was transferring from the Metrobus bus rapid transit to the standard city bus to Sabiha Gökçen Airport at Uzunçayir bus station and needed to get a new bus ticket at the bus station. Asked the ticket seller specifically for a ticket to the airport and he made a massive production out of counting out my change to distract me from the fact that he'd given me a single-journey ticket, after charging me for the double-length ticket needed to reach the airport. When I got on the bus the driver pointed out the problem and the only way I stayed on the bus (drivers in Istanbul don't take cash on the vehicle) was because another passenger I'd never seen before stepped in and paid for me using his PAYG card.

This wasn't some guy in a newsagent, this was a uniformed bus company employee in a staffed ticket kiosk. Particularly vicious trick as the buses aren't very frequent and I'd have been waiting for a good 20 minutes if the other guy hadn't been generous.

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You are very angry, and rightfully so, about the not-nice guy, but a really nice guy rescued you which sort of cancels out the bad experience, wouldn't you say?

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Yes, it does restore your faith in humanity.