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Tourist Scams

Know the game

Tourists are targeted by scam and rip-off artists everywhere in Europe. If you know the games (spilling the mustard, bus 64 in Rome, and so on), you're less likely to be a victim. By sharing the latest scams (and learning from each others' mistakes) we'll all travel more safely.

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Fake Paris taxi driver JAILED for overcharging tourists
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Assault is bad end to a great trip to Italy using Rick Steves' advice
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Be prepared then enjoy your vacation.
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Fake wallet?
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Watch the big notes and the pause in change exchange
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Spilling the Mustard?
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Bad experience with Sixt car rental in Malaga
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Strange and pointless posts on Here?
douglas 26 Never Pre-Pay for a Lodging Through This Site!
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Travel insurance scam -IMG
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Pick Pocket Proof Clothing
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A.I. Generated Guidebooks Scam Online
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The Monk Scam.
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