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"Speeding" ticket - a year later!

We rented a car in Italy for a week in May 2014 and had a lovely time touring around southern Tuscany. About a month after we returned we received a notice from the car rental that we were caught on camera going over the speed limit twice and were assessed a fine plus administrative fee. Then a week ago, almost a year after our trip, we received another notice of being caught on camera for going over the speed limit, this time from the Italian municipal police. Should we expect to receive speeding tickets indefinitely?

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Should we expect to receive speeding tickets indefinitely?

No one here can answer that question. Probably not indefinitely, but you may receive some more, who knows?
Hundreds of people, reporting in here, have received the same. Think how many there must be that we, here, never hear about.
We've had endless discussions here about this subject. The most recent one is:

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It is unlikely you were assessed the fine by the rental agency. They typically only charge an administrative fee for turning over your contact information to the authorities when requested (it is part of your rental agreement). Then you get the actual ticket, which can take months. It sounds this is exactly what has happened.

If you only got one charge from your rental agency, then you will only get the one ticket. They charge you each and every time the authorities request your info for a different violation.

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Don't pick on Italy!

We got a speeding ticket for going a whopping 3 kph over the limit in Switzerland. It arrived 21 months after the infraction. I was amazed that we even received it, our address was so goobered up. That's probably why it took so long. We had to do a wire transfer to pay it. The transfer cost more than the ticket itself. So much for the highly efficient Swiss.

Now the French are very efficient. You get your ticket(s) promptly and you can pay online using your credit card through an English language website.

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Your rental company will notify you well ahead of receiving the ticket(s), so you probably only violated the law one time. Pay the ticket before fines start adding up - some posters tell of collection agencies being called in if the ticket remains unpaid.

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They are probably the same violations. We received 4 in the last 10 minutes of having the car. There was a charge on my credit card a month or so after we got back. Six months later we received the bills from the Italian government. I went so far as to match up the times, they were the same violations.

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I had a similar experience years ago in Nice, France. I got a ticket for stopping in front of a bus stop. I did not get out of my car and it was only for a few minutes to look at my map. No bus was coming/going. A charge appeared on my credit from the car rental company. I can't remember if I ever got a copy of the ticket.


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They got me on the causeway going over to Venice--by a radar camera--at 1.8 mph over the speed limit.

There are online bill paying services that you can use a Visa Card to pay such a fine inexpensively in Euros. My ticket cost me about $155 plus a small service charge--and $40 to Hertz for their time telling the City of Venice who had their car on that date.

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When you finally receive the tickets, do post the details here on how you dealt with the situation, as the information may be helpful for others.

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I would never want to drive in Italy, and I have driven in eight or nine countries in Europe. Stories like this, which have been repeated many time here, make me feel even more strongly about that. I did manage to drive extensively in England in 2013 and in France in 2010, both countries with a lot of speed cameras, and did not get a ticket. No fun wondering about it after the fact for what, two years though. At least I think I'm o.k. on England because it's been two years. Next up for my wife and me is probably Ireland, where they have a lot of cameras too. The more experienced I get as a traveler the more I look for ways to avoid renting a car. It just gets to be a bigger and bigger hassle over time.