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Advice for Safely Traveling with 2 Little Kids

I'm a well versed traveler but when I was single and in my 20s. Now, a mom with husband and two boys in tow, I'm worried about pickpocketing and not losing our stuff in France and Spain (we will be in Barcelona). My husband and I will have money belts and then use small amounts of cash kept in zipped pockets for our outings so we aren't accessing our money belts. My belt goes under my pants since I may be holding a child.
When taking the train from the airport to the hotel, where's the best spot to put the kids iPads? In the roller suitcase?
Any advice for us or experience with kids? I know one common distraction from pickpockets will be to try and separate my husband and me from each other and/or the kids in an attempt to divert our attention.
I'm also trying to figure out how to comfortably carry multiple passports.

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Keep the passport in the hotel. We had 4 kids 2 strollers in Barcelona. Took two taxis from the airport. We had no problems and took no special precautions except common sense. It's not a war zone.

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How old are your children? Age dependent: 1) make certain each child (actually each person) should have a piece of paper with the name/address and phone number of hotel. 2) use one of those kid 'leashes' 3) if traveling on public transport in a city, have a plan of what to do if separated. I usually advise that the person left on the train gets off next station and WAITS on platform. Person who got off train gets on next train and goes one stop to meet up. You may need to change this if kids are too small to get back on. In that case, I tell them to wait on platform and Mom?Dad will come back for them.

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If you're worried, then I would cut down on the valuables/electronics you bring with you...does each person need to bring their own iPad on vacation? I think the key is to be very organized, have a plan if people get separated, and to bury valuables as deep down as you can so they cannot be easily snatched away. It's good that you realize that you're more likely to be distracted with kids in tow...just double down on everything you've done as a single person and make sure that you still have full control of your bags at all times.

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Thank you. This is all solid advice! I should say kids have one ipad each and any American parent knows that they're a ridiculous valuable commodity in parenthood.
Solid advice on what to do if separated on a train. My worst fear! And good call on pocketing each child with hotel information, didn't think of that. They are 5 and 9 years old.

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Love the train advice! Check out Wolters World on YouTube. They travel the world with 2 boys.

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Don't get separated on the train do your best to all stay together hold each others hands as the trains get very busy

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You can take the precaution of giving each kid a "temporary tattoo" with your name and contact info, written on their arm or tummy in fine point sharpie. How old are the kids? Old enough to carry a card they can show a stranger if they get lost?

You should always have your passports on you at all times when in foreign countries. There is no other way to prove your identity or citizenship. Also, teach your children what a passport is and what it's for.

What if you are with one child and you are injured or unconscious? You need to have id on you.

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If you are worried about losing a child, I suggest each child be given a neck money belt in which you place a copy of their passport, the name and address of the hotel, your mobile number and a cheap small phone also programmed with your telephone number, so each can call you or you can call them, and a few euros for a snack if needing to wait. Obviously, you will need to adjust the money belt for size. This is all the information for them or an adult to contact you with the location of your child. It will also teach them how to keep their valuables safe for the future. Neither of your children is too young for this system. One of the reason to travel is to teach your children how to travel. This would be a good start.