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Things to do in Riga and nearby
3ddana 9
Question about Latvia
3ddana 5
Tallinn Card - (Is it worth it?) and any other tips/suggestions for a visit to Estonia...
Adrienne 6
How to split up my time...
andrewwrome 3
Baltic Private Tours
Ann 7
Car Rental and drop-off in another country (Vilnius - Riga - Tallinn) or similar
Arnold 6
Accommodation suggestions
astodd 1
Review for Koidu 20 Apartment
astodd 0
Tallin on Sundays in January
aviemore74 3
Vilnius/Curion Spit/ Riga 6 nites total itinerary
barbaragolder16 6
Is Tallin worth 2 nights?
Bill 3
Tallin Top things to see.
Bill 9
Which ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn?
Bob 5
Airfare SFO to Tallinn
boblhed 7
Hotel Options-Amsterdam
boblhed 3
Itinerary advice: Stockholm to Helsinki to St. Petersburg to Tallinn to Copenhagen....
Brenda 5
Single room for two in hotels and B&B's
brienmcmullen 7
Stockholm->Tallinn->Helsinki vs Stockholm->Helsinki->Tallinn
Carlos 4
Baltic Itinerary Help
Carol 14
Christmas in Tallin
chefkim68 1
We had a FANTASTIC tour guide in Tallinn, Estonia
cindi 2
seeking feedback on traveller website one way sightseeing+shuttle bus RIGA/TALLINN
cjleisch 13
Lithuanian heritage research
cparadowski 5
COVID protocols in Estonia?
Dan 1
Baltics Itinerary for 11 nights
daniellelewis 8
Vaccines recommended for the Baltic countries
Darby 3
Car and Driver/Guide to Tour the Baltics
Daryl 7
Folk Music Venues?
Dav 4
Tallinn Trip Report (crosspost)
Dav 0
Riga Trip Report (crossposted)
Dav 0
Riga to Vilnius Trip Report (Crossposted)
Dav 0
Four Days in Vilnius Trip Report (crossposted)
Dav 0
How to best connect the Baltic countries?
David 16
David 6
Saaremaa and Hiiumaa
David 2
Pärnu lodging- recommendations?
David 0
HOHO operator in Tallinn
domwild 3
Trip report - Latvia and Lithuania
Eef 8
Tallinn and Helsinki
elenadelbosque 8
Books and films about the Baltic Countries
Ellen 6
Best way to fly home from Tallin
fepm49 7
Things to Do and See in Estonia
Frances 1
anyone concerned with travel to this area in the next 2 months?
Frances 5
Nice long daylight hours for my trip - are business open longer hours usually?
Frances 2
Just returned from 2 weeks in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (and Warsaw)
Frances 0
Tallinn Side Streets
ggilby 9
Estonian Song Festival in Tallinn
gregoryabell 2
3 weeks Finland and Baltics - Itinerary feedback please
Hilda 4
Drinking water and vaccinations - the Baltics
Hilda 12
Where to stay in Estonia
jblaik 1