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Car Rental and drop-off in another country (Vilnius - Riga - Tallinn) or similar

I have looked through prior posts and I am familiar with the local transportation options. I am looking for specific experiences from folks who have rented cars in the Baltics and dropped them off in a different country
- who did you rent from and where
- where did you drop off
- any indication of drop off fees
- any issues/hassles encountered

This is for a July-August trip (assuming vaccines). Airfare booked with UA miles and highly changeable without cost.

Thanks in advance

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I don't rent cars in Europe, but many folks have been happy with AutoEurope (an American company), which works with many European rental agencies. You might check to see what they suggest. Other rental-car consolidators are Kemwel and Gemut.

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any indication of drop off fees

A quick look on expedia shows a $170 one drop fee for Budget. Could be variable based on where you pick up and drop off, and the rental company involved.

No personal experience for that part of the world

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As in the US, I've seen dropoff fees between European countries vary significantly depending on the exact combination of cities that I've selected.

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Drop off fees across country lines can be huge. They don't have any way to rent that car in that country and it will have to be return to the other country. Within countries we have had drop fees that ranged from zero most of the time to $50 one time in France.

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Thanks all for the information. Will dig into this further to see what options make sense in the summer of 2021

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Did some research and wanted to post the drop off fees that I'm seeing online - hope this helps others who have similar questions.

All these drop off fees were for pick up in Vilnius (airport or town didn't make any difference) - drop off was in different locations
Budget -- (Klaipeda/Palanga - $141, Riga - $171, Tallinn - $271)
AutoEurope & Kemwel (both seem to have the same booking engine). -- (Klaipeda/Palanga - $120, Riga- $120, Tallinn - $285)
Hertz (Klaipeda/Palanga - $101.6, Riga - $101.6, Tallinn - $243)

Overall, the total amounts for AE were quite a bit lower than Budget or Hertz.