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COVID protocols in Estonia?

Hi all,

I'll be visiting Tallinn in November and was wondering what the COVID protocols are like right now (with the understanding that things might change at any time.) For example, is proof of vaccination required for entry into restaurants, shops, museums, etc.? And if so, are people familiar with the US CDC vaccination cards? Or should I try to get my CDC card "converted" into an EU Green Pass?

I assume there also is a mask requirement, is it basically "mask required indoors" and if so, how compliant are people with wearing the mask?


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My info is a little old. I was there at the tail end of July and the first few days in august - only visited Tartu and Tallinn. Hopefully someone with more recent experiences will chime in.

At the time we were there, there was no mask requirements. No masks anywhere. Not even on the trains or buses or in the stores or restaurants. We found this a little surprising especially since we came in from Lithuania where masking was required when entering stores, hotels, and restaurants