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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum) potential problem when purchasing...
Shelley 7
Talking about my VISA Bill with European charges
Shelley 11
Canadian "no fee"Tangerine Bank experiences?
Sherry 4
Is anyone familiar with Train Split?
Simone 4
Using VRBO
simontemplar 3
Saving money while flying
skumar 9
Currency Conversion Fees
skumar 5
Travel Credit Cards in UK
skumar 2
Money Transfer Experiences
slbdaisy 10
Money exchange at Gatwick
Change: All ways charge in local currency (Avoid DCC.) Credit Card Conversion Fees in...
sl.wolf 20
Return flights from Europe to USA East Coast
soccs11 5
Do all credit cards and atm debit cards use the same interbank rate?
Southern girl 15
Prepaid SIM cards
Spuds76 4
credit cards with no foreign transaction fees
stacey 27
Churn, churn, churn
staynsavor 11
"Free" walking tours
staynsavor 13
Free GPS
Stephen 7
stevedipstick 15
Budget Air fare promotions no more ?
stmalaysia 1
How do you use Your US Credit Union for money transactions when visiting the EU?
sue p. 13
Shipping a forgotten item from Italy
Suzann 8
FYI: some airlines no longer participating in popular online ticket websites
SuzieeQQ 4
Currency conversion fees on debit cards
suziexhayes 13
Bank of America Travel Credit Card
Swan 13
crossbody anti-theft bag/purse or money belt?
swetrich 24
tammy.vaught 22
Rental Auto Insurance
teallen1126 12
Cheapest Route in Europe
ted.k9183 17
Still confused by chip & pin vs. chip & signature!
Terry 16
England Castle passes???
tfattal26 4
Buyer Beware! Chase Sapphire - 18% DAILY interest rate upon withdrawing euros
themusteach 25
tkg43307 3
Chase Sapphire Collision Damage Waiver - France Enterprise Car Rental - Easy Reimbursement
toddling 6
"Save money by NOT using third parties (like Expedia?)"
Tom 22
Credit cards that give airport lounge access
Tom_MN 21
British Rail Pass savings
tootiekester 19
Conflicting advice about cheapest way to get local currency (Europe)
tph2010 30
Apartment meal ideas
travel4fun 30
Train travel/Discount cards
travel4two 5
Have the bank fees using ATM fees in Europe gone up?
travelfan 28
How to change currencies when visiting multiple countries on a Baltic Cruise?
trochte 7
Shipping Regular Mail from Spain - a Very Bad Idea!
tuzywall 3
Banks to use in Italy to avoid dynamic currency conversion
Twin Mom 4701 24
Credit & Debit Card Fees
tylrrutledge 32
ITIC teacher card worth it?
umbreits 3
Road Scholar Travelers: Did you know they include some insurance with your trip purchase?
Valerie 4
Travel Insurance: Roam Right anyone?
visitors 4
Be smart! Do what Rick says! Pay in Euros!!
vmorton 32
flying to scandinavia
wahoodd 6