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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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High Exchange Rates for Credit Cards Used Internationally (WaPo News Article)
NYC Librarian 13
What is the best way to deposit Euro cash in Canada to be used in Europe?
oceanna248 9
ATMs in England
oleditor5 5
ATM cards in Italy
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Visa or MasterCard?
our9yearjourney 10
Barcelona, Spain Arrival Complimentary Ride on RODALIES
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ATM's at CVG (Cincinatti) airport
overariver 6
best way to convert cash dollars to euros?
Packy 30
Schwab Chip and Pin
pam 4
Travel insurance limits-NY Times gift article
PatR@lv 1
Traveling to Europe in April. Change $$ to Euros now to get better exchange rate?
paulgoodman 32
Roma Passes
pbehie 4
Your experience claiming benefits of high end travel cards
Euros at the ATM?
peggy 25
Venice City Pass ?
Penny 2
How to Handle Currency on Danube Cruise?
pfred2080 10
Germany hotel pass deals
Philip 2
Wells Fargo Chip & Pin
Philip 6
Money-Saving Travel Tips for Madrid and Spain
Philip 1
Be sure you know the on-line fare before calling an airline
philipm 12
My Andrews credit card experiences
phred 7
Chip and PIN on the way in 2015, sort of
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One man's take on how to change money
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Rick's funny museum comment
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What to do with that pesky leftover currency
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Article on how to do money
phred 11
Beware the bnb's
phred 23
Toys and gadgets
phred 13
The cost of money
phred 19
Got Allianz?
phred 8
Free Hilton silver status
phred 3
Does your room seem more expensive?
phred 20
Medjet discount
phred 4
United MileagePlus X App to Accumulate United Miles
Pilgrim 14
Tip local guides - tour excursions
pj 9
Unlock debit card in airplane mode?
pj 12
Amsterdam/Paris/Marseille with side trips to Normandy/Lori
priusbluestre... 5
Shipping purchases back to the U.S.
pwell13 4
Travel Insurance companies
RailRider 10
Travel Insurance
ransdell61 5
Family hotels
rawsonbudd 8
Shopping in Europe! Come in Ladies...
rbovine1 23
Trip Insurance?
rcf026 18
Anybody have first hand experience with ISANGO services
rc.simpson787 3
Skymiles Delta Air
Renee 9
Swipe type bebit cards
Retgumshu 11
ATMs at Marco Polo airport
retiredinVT 4
Senior discounts
retiredinVT 43
Health care in Europe
rgriffin7 37
Budget question
Richard 5