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Schwab Chip and Pin

This is a follow up to our Chip and Pin discussions. I just called Schwab as my debit card was expiring. I was told all new debit cards automatically come with Chip and Pin.
Now I can win with ticket kiosks!

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Thank you! Just called Schwab and had them change my card to the CHIP version. This forum is so helpful. I would not have known otherwise, and now I'll have it for my next trip.

Even without this feature, I've used the Schwab card all over the world for cash withdrawals. It is one of my favorite pieces of plastic.

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I just called Schwab and my card is already Chip and Pin. Woo-hoo!! I can't wait to use it all over Europe this summer!! This will make things so much easier.

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I have been considering a Schwab chip and pin card after reading a few posts. I just got off the phone with a nice young man from C Schwab. I told him specifically I wanted a card that would be usable at unmanned kiosks in France this summer. He seemed to understand exactly what I was asking about. He said that no, they do not offer chip and pin cards. He said that they have chip cards but that many people assume therefore it is chip and pin, but that it is not. In truth, banking is not my forte, and I am not the Exchequer in this household, but wanted to share what I was told today.

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My Schwab ATM chip and sig card worked fine at French Rail kiosks last month (other than a transaction going through twice, which Schwab refunded, and their CSR related how SNCF often causes problems for banks). But it would not work at Netherlands rail kiosks -which I was told by my Dutch host was likely because the Dutch rail terminals want to see "Maestro' and the Schwab debit card is branded "Visa".