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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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light weight rain jacket
jenandvic 27
Body Wallets
ryanhinshelwood 28
Put your contact info and itinerary INSIDE your bag too
Gretchen 28
How Do You Organize Your Pre-Planning Notes
Pilgrim 25
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Which backpacks
travelnewbie16 27
Packable down jacket
halfdozmom 26
Make sure your phone number is on ( or in) your checked bag!
Lola 26
RS Greece/camera/day bag-carryon-purse conundrum
Wray 28
Running and Visiting Churches - Clothing Preparation
Squigglebug 27
The greatest "Mystery" to packing light?
Donald 28
Not happy with Rick Steves luggage
fishbonedarryl 27
Tips for leaving home empty
vitani88 28
Carryon weight limited to 7Kg on international flights, new?
rafisach 27
First Aid Kits
Sun-Baked in... 28
What to Bring?
holloway.lauren 26
Shipping clothing back to the States
cclundgren 25
Lightweight pants for a big guy
zagfam 26
No Show socks
Boatharbour 27
« Underseat bags »
reynolds-denise 28
Fanny packs
khansen 27
Attention Online Ebags Shoppers
Sun-Baked in... 27
The 3 essentials if you want to “Pack Light”
Donald 28
camera lens
jackie 28
AAA packing class had a few surprises…….
Carol now... 28
Securing my carry-around bag
jlreda 28
Not a scarf person - what to wear out for dinner in Spain (winter/spring)?
AussieNomad 27
Pajamas for spring in England (for ladies)
SandraL 28
Vests are now "officially" a travel hack
stan 27
Fanny pack versus money belt
Susan 28
Wish List for my perfect luggage
Jean 29
Packing Creative Extras
Looking for very small travel handbag
SandraL 27
Hard Sided Luggage is More Assertive?
Dav 27
Where to keep passport once at destination
Egram Thunk 29
Drying Clothes
Frank II 29
How much money to take
cathyvonderhaar 29
Attention shoppers - clothes suitable for travel need not break the bank
Bruce 29
quart size bags
cindy 29
Jeans in England
cathysharb 28
Norwegian Air weight limits. Yikes!
Marti 29
40 L backpack/suitcase suggestions
Victoria 28
TSA 311 ??
horsewoofie 29
carry on bags size enforced?
Doc 29
Electric toothbrush
Ina 29
Ladies: one color or varied for bottoms?
PandaBear 29
Oh,no! I’m one of them.
bogiesan 29
Rick Steves Tour Luggage Limitation
cj-traveler 29
packing questions
horsewoofie 29
Getting Older ... Pack a Teenager
Sun-Baked in... 29