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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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small plastic leak-proof jars/bottles
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Roll clothing?
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Unpacking List
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Minimalist Packing - Old School vs. Modern
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Euroflight bag or other personal item to carry a 20lb weighted blanket?
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How to save weight when travelling, forget the DSLR !
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New thread about Capsule colors
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Isn't it uncomfortable to have passports in money belt?
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Anyone recommend backpacks?
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Fanny Packs????
Frank II 34
To tear or not to tear
roubrat 37
How in the world do you do it?
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Packing light with bad feet - extra shoes in wetter climates
GPetty 36
Comfortable Women's Walking shoes
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Need tips on Packing a 3-1-1 Bag Properly
Sun-Baked in... 37
Recommendations for a packable down jacket
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Found!? Best ‘normal’ purse style for travel
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TSA and snacks ****up date below
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How to carry home gifts if you have only brought a carry on bag and it is full!
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Another travel purse question
Lulu348 37
All those little packing impulse buys are coming to light
Nelly 37
Favorite travel souvenirs rediscovered
doric8 38
Eagle Creek...hope this isn’t true :—((
Bets 38
Backpack vs. Roller suitcases - opinions?
jessicaf227 38
So...what did you not use on your latest trips that you packed along just in case?
S J 37
Donald 38
Carryon packing for Lufthansa - only 8kg
Barbara 38
My Scotland Packing Report
Mardee 38
Hat or cap (is a cap too American??)
pleiades3 38
Is It Possible to Pack TOO Light?
hcota 34
Keep Calm and Carry on! We took a leap of faith, and we now believe!
Yo Pauly 39
Favorite Snacks to bring on an International Flight
Guide Books: To Bring or Not to Bring?
Yanksteve 37
Best Travel Luggage
rebeccart 36
Input on Sea to Summit toiletry bag / What do you use?
Jeanine 37
Would a very small crossbody purse attract thieves?
sten 39
Hidden Pocket: a Cautionary Tale
Jane 39
What size luggage
drthetford1 36
How to Deal with Accumulating Souvenirs as I Travel Europe?
kogermeister 38
California wants to ban courtesy shampoo bottles
Cindy H 38
Who else leaves meals/meal kits for kids/spouse/parents when traveling?
Sleight 36
How do you keep organized on the plane?
BethFL 39
Unusual toiletries bottles and containers
Geraldine 39
Money belt vs neck wallet vs secret belt pocket- an informal survey
Curtis and Jill 39
In Hotel Laundry - what went wrong?
mikebuto 35
Spinner vs Rolling Luggage?
marty 37
PJs, mascara and chapstick
erectoch3 40
Alternative to RS hanging toiletry bag
stoutfella 40
Traveling to Great Britain in June and would feel safest blending in
bleejohns 37