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Men's Shirts

I'm looking for some new shirts for travel. My requirements are:

--button down. (I have polos but prefer a button down);

--does not wrinkle easily;

--can he sink washed easily and dries quickly;

--looks good untucked:

--comes in larger sizes.

Any suggestions?

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I have had some luck with Eddie Bauer but selection now appears more heavily weighted to flannel. However I just got the Pack It Searsucker Long Sleeve shirt for my upcoming trip next week. Looks like it meets your criteria. Now on sale 40% off. I just looked and they had some large sizes. There may be some others too but you have to check the details as some clearly don't given the fabrics. other on sale too. Good luck.

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Hard to recommend specific brands, but I focus on fabric. That being said, the best travel shirt I have (meeting all your requirements) is from Royal Robbins in a coarse weave. But I also like Columbia and Duluth Trading Co, as their sizings are good for me, not for trim young athletes.

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Frank ll, looking at your requirements, my husband has bought a couple brands over the years that you might consider. These are his favorites- Columbia Silver Ridge or Arc'teryx Skyline or Melange. The fabric for both are perfect for sink washing and dries quickly. Both look great untucked & are wrinkle resistant. Well made and last for years. My husband wears a medium, but they do come in larger sizes as well. You didn't mention price point. Sometimes you can find a sale on both of these brands.

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Lately, I've become partial to North Face shirts - I think it's because of the fit, the size is the size.

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My husband doesn’t shop for travel or outdoor shirts solely. He uses any department store and looks for their best brands of cotton/poly blend shirts and buys what he wears everyday and for travel. Some of his recent nice looking shirts have been Van Heusen, Izod, and Costco Kirkland brands.

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I wear shirts like this on trips, and also at home along with others, because they're lightweight, comfortable, don't wrinkle easily, dry quickly, and look good (to me anyway). They have traditional tails so maybe not so good untucked. They're not "travel" shirts, which for me is a plus. I have a "travel" shirt with multiple pockets that I sometimes wear on flying days when the extra pockets can be useful, but I don't want to look like I'm on safari in a European city. I seldom wear short sleeves, just roll up the long ones.

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Jos A Banks has some nice button down collar shirts that meet your requirements.

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Anything that will hand-wash easily contains material I don't want next to my skin. I mean something more chemical than cozy.

L.L.Bean, a New England institution, mail-orders across the continent. Their timeless shirt styles are comfortable, resist wrinkles or any other hardship, and give every sign of lasting longer than I will. Their prices unfortunately have been steadily climbing, but you certainly get what you pay for.

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On my recent Italy trip i took 2 long sleeved 1. Marmot 1. REI. have another Patagonia that didn't make it into the rotation this trip. All have securable pocket/s and drip dry. A little pattern helps disguise wrinkles.

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Try Untuck It shirts. They have larger sizes, shorter lengths, and straight hems. They have button down and polo shirts. I just washed one out the other night for my husband and it dried quickly. They also have nice travel pants with an extra zipped side pocket.

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I wear golf shirts all the time at home, and I also travel with them exclusively. Buttoned shirts wrinkle easily and they don't look so good after numerous days' wear.

I travel with a 21" TravelPro ultra light carry on bag with swivel wheels. And I take one shirt for every 3 days of our trip--rotating to a different shirt daily. I wear one pair of jeans on the plane and pack another pair of jeans and a pair of khaki pants both of which have been heavily starched at the laundry. They still look good after numerous days of wear when starched.

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I like the shirts from Duluth Trading. I especially like their ‘action shirt ‘ that come with the Napolean pocket. They come in a variety of fabrics and always seem to be making slight changes. Lots of sizes. We have a store near Denver that I like to go to, but I have ordered a lot by mail. They frequently run sales.

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My husband travels exclusively with Columbia Sportswear shirts like the Silver Ridge, Bahama, or Tamiami. They are very low maintenance and since I am the laundress, that matters. He layers with Smartwool tees or another type of wicking tee. Makes for super lightweight packing and easy care.

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Some goofy responses, eh? Just me, of course, Smartwool 100% merino, all the way. My personal favorite, which they don’t make anymore, collar with long sleeve, 1/2 zip, with a chest slash pocket. The collar makes it presentable, the long sleeves for sun protection and warmth but they easily pull up, square tail, super easy to wash and dry, wrinkles? Yes and no. The product came in three different weights years ago.
On other sites, i see golf shirts mentioned often for ease of care and nice style although golf nerds tend to go apoplectic when non-golfers wear golf attire in non-golf situations.

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My husband travels with a classic Pendelton shirt that can be untucked and doesn't wrinkle. It is a black watch plaid with regular buttons not the snaps and is a light weight wool blend. The fabric is easy to spot clean so he hasn't sink washed it yet. Another one is a size large Chaps brand from T.J. Max that was about 17.00. He sink washes it and it dries overnight. It's a cotton poly blend and doesn't wrinkle.

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I have three technical fabric shirts from Untuckit. They are fabulous on the road and also good for everyday home wear.