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Taxi, Uber or car service from Ypres to Bruges
sallymoxley 1
Public Restrooms in downtown Brussels
sallymrkvicka 4
Brugge to Amsterdam via Train - Can I make my flight
salwisc 7
Between Brussels and Amsterdam
sandy 1
How difficult to get to BRUSSELS Charleroi airport to catch Ryanair flight?
Sarah 3
Belgium/Netherlands Itinerary Help
Sarah 3
Guided Day Tour from Port of Antwerp to Bruges
saundravandyke 0
schumach 0
schumach 0
Brussels - Where to Watch World Cup
Scott 1
I have 2.5 days how much to spend in Bruges and Brussels?
Scott 6
Americans in Belgium or France in late December with a family
Scott 9
Tulips in the Netherlands
scott.d.warner 5
4 nights in Belgium
Scudder 5
First time traveling to Europe from the States --- Travel questions
scwall15 7
Heart of Belgium & Holland tout question?
sders50 9
from Airport to Bruges
seohleng 3
Senior train ticket
seohleng 2
Train ticket from brussels airport to Bruges
seohleng 2
Travelling with a Big luggage in a train Belgium
seohleng 7
Amsterdam-Bruges-Brussels-Munich or reverse?
sfenter 1
Flying from states to Amsterdam, then seeing Bruges, Ghent, Normandy Beaches, Mont...
sfstennis76 6
Bike racks on Ypres/Ieper, Belgium city busses?
sgerdes 3
Monastery Beer Tours in Belgium?
sgmellen 9
Weekend Stopover in Belgium 1
4 Day in Belgium Vs. 3 Days in Belgium + 1 Day in Copenhagen
sgunjan 11
rental cars between belgium and france
shakeshaftann 1
Nato Headquarters Tour/Teenager with Foreign Relations Interests
shannon 1
First Time in Brussels and planning for a 6 day trip to Europe
Shanti 5
Trip to Amsterdam and Brussels
Sharon 12
Brussels Air
Sharon 5
Day trip to Brussels and Ghent from Amsterdam?
Sheena 3
Brussels, Ghent and Bruges
Sheena 5
Researching family history in Belgium?
Sheena 3
Making the most of Brussels on a 12 hour flight layover
sheilaf 6
Brugge - Bike-Gastronomy Tour
shelley 1
question about Brugge
Sherry 10
Brussels in January?
S J 3
Luxembourg in 2 1/2 hours?
sjbd 7
Bruges to Amsterdam, Ghent options, etc.?
sjgramke 5
Driving Amsterdam to Bruges
smais0219 7
Antwerp restaurants
sommerfld 4
Royal Museum of Fine Art in Brussels
soulmas 5
Bruges, Belgium
srdd1398 7
What's the economical/fast/convenient way to travel from Brussels to Calais.
sriks2009 3
Bruges in December
sritchie 4
Do we need to pre-book train from Antwerp to Amsterdam in July?
Stacey 4
Laundry facilites in Brussels, Ghent
staceyorly 4
Castles in Belgium
Stephanie 5
Cheap base camp near Brussels?
Stephen 1