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Building itin for Swiss but in Belgium first (x reference w/Swiss forum)

My family has a love of travel. Somehow we got hooked on open jaw country-hopping and with a family of 5 used this as a way to budget our trip to get the most of our time, and money! Now my kids want to continue on country-hopping. I make it my job to save points and miles but with all the devaluations, it's becoming more challenging. I would love ideas for the beginning of this journey to Belgium and Switzerland. I have Marriott points that I will try to use for more of the city portions.

We are flying overnight US into Brussels with business class seats, hoping to get some shut eye. We had no intention of going there when we began to plan but it was the only direct option we could get. We've never been there but even though it's not part of our itinerary, we should spend a day or two seeing something given the train system is so good. After 2 days in Belgium, we want to hit 4-5 locations in Switzerland. We must include Bern so my youngest daughter could float down the Aare. This is her "family must do together" item.

My questions are:
1. Is it worth it to dedicate 2 days to Belgium, or just one night to see something close by in Brussels and move on? If you suggest two days, what would you do and how would you travel there?
2. Given the train system is so good, and with a family of 5, do you think it's best to get a rail package or singular tickets and travel via train or go back and forth to the smaller airlines and travel that way?
3. Once in Switzerland, we could include Bern, Zurich, Interlaken and Lucern, Lauterbrunnen or Grindewald to get to the top of Europe! We are fine with doing 1 or two things only in each town and moving on, so thinking a car is best. If somebody thinks we are missing something, please lmk? And if you have an ideal itinerary that's great although I'm currently reading quite a few. We have 7 days, approximately for Switzerland. We have never been to Switzerland and I've been reading about the golden route and all it seems to do is expand where I would like to go and see.

After, we will travel for a week on the Amalfi coast and Capri to celebrate husband's 50th. The Italy portion is fairly complete and fly out of Naples back to the US.

Thank you!

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