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Brussels travel

Is it safe stay in Brussels with all the violence in that area? We head there Dec 8!

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I will be in Brussels briefly in January on my way to Brugge. I am not planning any changes. The neighborhood you refer to is outside the main tourist area.

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Who knows? All public transport has been shut down today and the shops are now closing. It's not a place I would want to be right now, but by 8 December? Your guess is as good as mine. Personally, I would travel in Europe (I am from the UK), but not stay in major cities.

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Given the Belgian government's current increase of the terror threat to #4, the highest level, for Brussels, I would wait until that comes down at least to #3. YMMV. Check European news sources - if you don't read French, the Guardian in the UK or France24 in English are good websites.

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Have a look also at and

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I'm supposed to be in Europe in a couple of weeks and my flight (back to the US) starts in Brussels. I'm currently planning to arrive in Vienna and head over to Munich before taking the train (already got the tickets) on Dec 12 to Brussels. Obviously that is still a few weeks off but I might try and call the airlines and see if I could return from somewhere else (Frankfurt or Munich) as a preventative measure (my flight is actually Brussels->LHR->ORD).

This is more "interesting" than I had hope. Hopefully things will calm down in a safe manner.

Thanks for all the information.