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Antwerp info

Would anyone recommend buying a diamond in Antwerp? If so, a reputable rec? Also any other suggestions for Antwerp? Lunch?

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There are a number of diamond merchants along the street outside the train station. Not sure what other suggestions you’re looking for; places to stay, eat, visit, etc.

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What’s your reason to visit Antwerp? Why did you choose it? When exactly will you be visiting? From where? What are your interests, other than shopping for diamonds?

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I'm also interested in the feasibility of buying diamonds in this area. Does one actually save money? Then, of course, one must figure out paying the import duties, I'm assuming. Thx

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As someone from Belgium, only do this if you know something about diamonds and go to a reputable shop with certified employees (e.g. GIA or AGS). Otherwise you will get ripped off or scammed. Do your homework so that you atleast know the market prices and don't buy anything without the right documentation.

Belgian reporters tried to sell gold in the diamond quarter last year and they told different shop owners that they didn't know the value and the offers they received ranged from 1000$ till 5600$ while the market value was around 6000$. It's been on TV here, just to give you a headsup on what to expect.