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Transavia Airlines?

Transavia seems to be a European discount airlines based in Amsterdam. We are considering their one flight a day from Catania, Italy to Amsterdam instead of KLM through Rome to join the Belgium Holland tour. Has anyone had any experience with Transavia? Any opinions as to their safety, dependability, etc. It's only a 2 hour flight so meals and entertainment aren't an issue. Thanks.

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I have flown them a couple of times. They are owned by AirFranceKLM. The plane landed fine both times and on time no bs nothin. like any airline you fly pay attention and follow the rules and everything will go smoothly.

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No recent experience, but they’ve been around more than 30 years. I flew them back in 1987.

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It's an ordinary, low-cost airline owned by KLM.
We flew them in the Fall of 2017, from Amsterdam to Sardinia. They were perfectly fine. Comfortable, on time, reasonable fare, no nonsense.
I'd fly them again with no hesitation at all.