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TuIfly Airline Carry On Concerns, Will They Weigh My Bag?

I'm using Rick's suggested backpack but only half full it weighs more than the allowed 6kg this airline suggests is the maximum allowed.

Two questions:
1) do they tend to weigh the carry on?
2) if they do weigh and declare it over weight, can i pay a fee to still carry it on or will they charge me AND make me check it under the plane?

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TuiFly has pretty restrictive cabin allowances. you show up with a stuffed backpack, they will check it. But why even risk it? a 20 kilo checked bag is only 15 euro, you re getting a deal on the flight, spring for the bag, the total cost is still cheap.

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the third letter of the name is letter - i - not L. Tui Fly. Sticklers. That's how they can keep fares low.