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Bruges, Antwerp, Leiden in one day. Train thinking correct?

I see on this route for $27:

Brugges 10:58
Gent 11:30
Antwerp 12:45
Breda 13:23
Den Haag HS 14:13
Leiden Central 14:25
Do we understand correctly? We can leave Brugges on any earlier train this day, but would have to be on the 12:45 out of Antwerp?

I’m trying to confirm, which train/s on this route do we have to reserve ahead of time or the price will increase?

Our full trip is Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Leiden, Harlem, Amsterdam, but Bruges to Antwerp to Leiden will be one day.

Thanks so much.

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This itinerary doesn’t include the highspeed train Thalys, so none of the trains have to be reserved.

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Antwerp is too big to visit in less than one day. I would recommend to spend a day there and take a Thalys to Amsterdam the next day. You'll spend way less time in the train and you'll be able to see more. From Amsterdam it's about 10 minutes to Haarlem and 30 minutes to Leiden.

p.s. Ghent is also very lovely to visit.