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Brussels - weather in mid-September

Weather data I have gleaned for Brussels at the start of September

Average high 20C/68F
Average low 10C/50F
Average rainfall in September 3.5 inches

On paper that's very similar to where I live (Boston). About 5F cooler in Brussels and slightly wetter.

The averages only paint part of the picture, though, as we all know.

So I ask - what's it really like? Is the weather very changeable during a single day? When it rains is it soft rain or RAIN!! rain? Windy? If you've been to Brussels (or Bruges, Ghent or Antwerp in mid-September, what did you experience?

We will be headed to Islay after Belgium, which is very likely to be cooler and very changeable hour-by-hour. I'm making packing lists now and hoping that the layers + waterproof gear we need for Islay will serve us in Belgian urban areas.

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September is often a good month - not too different from August.

If it rains it might be a quick shower, or it might be a thunderstorm. Or it might not rain at all. Who knows?

Could be hot and sunny….

Could be anything….

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Over all, usually very comfortable weather. Don't worry about it.

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Yes, it should be nice. But be prepared for rain.

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I am also going to be in Belgium at the same time. Would wearing khakis and Nike's for ladies be good? Or could I get by with skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Any help for what to wear would be great. Can men wear shorts?.

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Most days last September were pleasant, with intermittent rain. Mid-to-upper 60s seemed to be the norm.

I did experience a few miserable days where it rained nearly all day, the sun didn't come out, and it never made it to 60, but that was just maybe 2-3 days out of 13.

Take a light jacket/hoodie, and then you can just tie it around your waist in the afternoons.