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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Backpacking through Europe
halfdozmom 11
Backpacking with souvenirs?
TravelbugTeacher 26
Backpack only for travel
tellit 25
Back pack or messenger bag?
preceptgirl7 17
Backpack or rolling suitcase for 3 mo trip
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Backpack or Wheels for young kids and myself ?
woodgiesubs 21
Backpack Packing Problem
jongigi 19
backpack personal item or carry on?
b.stith 8
Backpack rain covers.
seacoastpet 19
gritz 23
Backpacks for kids?
shea_lewis 9
Backpacks with Strap Stowaway Pocket
Sun-Baked in... 8
Backpack Temptation
Lo 48
Backpack vs wheeled suitcase
pattistro 16
Backpack---what's with the hands free?
Wray 31
Backpack with wheels or just a spinner?
kathaleen 10
Bag Addict Alert!
Sun-Baked in... 20
Baggage Wrapping
Don 10
Baggallini and rain
Teresa 9
Bag Report - Italy in Summer
clange 4
cmcr1954 4
Bag security on long-range EU trains
Jim 14
Bag shopping? See REI (USA)
bogiesan 4
Bag storage in overhead bins on planes
Lo 19
Bag suggestions
Frank II 15
Bag that comes closest to fitting Spirit's "personal item" requirements?
jbrunell14 9
Bag to keep at my seat on my flight
dclawyer 12
Bamboo clothing -- Witchcraft!!!
Chris 3
Bamboo Shirt is Witchcraft! (in a good way)
Chris 7
Barcelona and Paris the 2nd week of May 2016
Springerlover 5
Bar Shampoo
Cerastez 16
Bathing/Face Cloths
kdh 32
"bed sheets not available"
Kris 19
Besides obvious travel items, what in your house is "on hold" until we can travel?
nancys8 24
Best backpack for new Easy Jet guidelines?
ianspb 4
Best base layer on top..jeans on bottom.
TravelNana 13
Best carryon and personal item for TAP airlines
Best Carry-On Backpacks
Frank II 20
Best carry on for a 7 years old girl
bucephale 22
Best carry-on for short backed female
cgichard 14
Best Carry-on Luggage for Europe
Melissa 32
Best carry on luggages for senior and kids
S.L. 12
Best Carry-On with Wheels
Jane 13
Best cases for long haul trip
aileen.seal 6
Best Compression Bags
M 10
best cross body bag for ipad mini and day trip essentials
Ruth 23
Best day bag
burnettdn 19
Best Dresses for Travel?
jcspixiepen 18
Best dress for Hawaii travel
Jeannie 18
Best expandable 20"x14"x9" wheeled carry-on?
Paul & Melissa 17