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Away suitcase vs Osprey Ozone or other convertible?

Hi - I’m considering getting the Away suitcase for an upcoming trip to Naples, Amalfi Coast and Rome, but I am also considering getting the Osprey Ozone to give me the option of carrying it on my back. (I’m also shopping for a daypack so if I go this route it will kill two birds with one stone.) I was also considering the Eagle Creek 22 inch convertible international carryon, but it only has a 30 liter capacity. I’m not sure though if I’m ever actually going to need or want to use the backpack option. There will be some times when we are going up or down steps in Positano where it could come in handy, but overall I’m not sure I will use it much. I’m 59 years old, in pretty good shape. Im curious to hear others’ thoughts. Thanks!

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I have never had the the "Gee, I wish I had a backpack instead of my rolling bag" moment while traveling in Italy, Greece or anywhere else.

I do use a small backpack for day touring, but not as my main travel bag.

Certainly an individual choice of what works for you.

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The advantage of the low capacity is that you can't stuff it so full that it would be uncomfortable on your back and I find that a backpack instead of a rolling bag makes it easier to keep up family members who walk faster than I do in airports.

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But, I personally would not want to use an Ozone as a day pack... Im a pack person, so Im not dissing the rolling pack, just saying, this part of your plan might not be ideal. Also, I would check the weight of both bags. There has been a lot of discussion here about discount airlines and how much your bag must weigh, so if either of these is lighter, it would allow more to go in it. Thoughts like that--

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I have the Osprey Ozone. I've only used it on a domestic trip so far, but bought it for our 6 week trip this summer. After trying mine my husband ordered one for himself. It is extremely comfortable on the back and it rolls beautifully! The capacity is a bit smaller than other carryon bags I've had, but I pack light so it will be fine. I LOVE having an attachable daypack. Our previous two trips we used osprey Farpoints which I love, but my back was getting a bit tired / sore by the end of the trip. We chose those bags as they are comfortable due to the internal frame and for the attachable daypacks.

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We looked at the Osprey for my wife. The deal breaker was the T handle. She has small hands and splitting the fingers to pull when loaded was very uncomfortable.

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The AWAY carryon is not even full carryon size and it weighs 7#. The Osprey is a little larger and weighs more than 2½# less.

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The Away is actually fairly light for a hard sided suitcase and it has a 38 liter capacity which should be plenty. (The backpack Rick Steve’s recommends is 40.) The Osprey is comparable whe you take away the day bag. (I will still be getting a day bag either way.) I like the organizing and compression functions of the Away bag as well as the four rollers, and I like the way it looks. I doubt that I will actually want to put the main bag on my back very much, so I will probably opt for the Away. But I still have a couple months before my trip so I may go crazy and order both and then send one back. :-p Thanks for all the comments!

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I recently treated myself to the Away bag when my old 21" Lipault was forced to be gate checked on a domestic flight and consequently soaked😯. The navy blue is so chic! It was definitely smaller than the other carry ons in the domestic overhead bin when I took it for its first trip last weekend. I go for 3 week trips internationally every summer. I took out the charger, to save weight ( it easily pops out from under the handle), but was surprised when I weighed it at the airport that it was nearly 20 pounds. I am only allowed 22 on my upcoming Norwegian Air flight for the carry on and personal item, combined. I really liked how smoothly it rolled, and the packing configuration is really clever. Not entirely sure what to use the mesh flat divider thingee for, but it serves to effectively compress both sides together so my heavy fleece, for example, squished in neatly. It is going to be a real challenge to fit everything for a 3 week trip, and it easily scuffs (has several already, after the one trip) despite the advertised indestructible shell. At age 61 now I have decided to forego backpacks despite no physical limitations. For a day pack I now have a fold-flat-into-itself black Baggelini backpack configured much like the RS pack ( mine has lasted forever, except the mesh pockets- eventually gave to my daughter.) By accident I discovered a black museum store zips-into-a-tiny-pouch that is now indispensible. If it is a day with museums and not hikes it's less bulky and looks nicer...