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Baggallini and rain

On a whim I bought a Baggallini Big Zipper Bagg. When trying it on (Wow! Those zippers really jingle-jangle-jingle!), I realized that it'd make a good travel purse. Does anyone have one of these? I'm going to Scotland this spring, so I'm wondering how the Bagg does in the rain.

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I bought and used this bag in Europe many times and liked it so much I used it here at home as well for years. My friend has one too and loves it. It's the best travel purse imo. It's water resistant.

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I have a different style of Baggallini bag that I use at home and when traveling. It works fine in rainy weather. Love the inside organization systems in these bags.

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Thanks for the quick replies. Sounds like I don't have much to worry about! :)

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I have a Baggallini bag (not the one you mention) and it is water resistant but not waterproof. In the rain it does get quite wet, meaning the water does not run off of it, but nothing inside gets wet and it does dry quickly once out of the rain.

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I've been using a Baggallini cross-body purse for at least a year now as my regular purse, along with many work trips. The fabric material washes well and looks new.

I live in Seattle, so it's been in light rain - no issues.

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I have a teeny, tiny Baggallini I use almost as a cross-body wallet. It also has a wrist strap. Now I am going to have to check out the bigger bags. I was wondering about their small roller and what it would be like to travel with it and maybe a larger tote tacked on.

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I used my Baggallini purse last fall in Scotland and England. It worked perfect. Great on those rainy days. I love them! I love the zippers too.

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I used a Baggalini I purchased at Marhsalls for like $20.00 and I loved it, super light weight. Like a pp mentioned it was water resistant NOT water proof. I had my passport in a zippered inside compartment and it got wet, so after that I placed it in a sandwich baggie, then put it in the purse (Yes I pack and bring baggies) and that did the trick.