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Should we cancel Dec. 5 flight/trip to Paris?
JudithC 38
Paris/ Normandy
edryer4356 39
Lille or Not
Andrea 40
Why, Rick, why??!!
Shelly 39
Anyone else going in August?
Rachael 37
Recent Paris Trip Report
Paul 38
Normandy Slow-Pace Trip in Coming Sept
JJ 39
Clothing in Paris
JoAnna Hollman 40
Traveling alone at almost 80years old, do you think it is dangerous ?
Charlotte 39
Laundry- Arggh!
mjciavola 40
International Drivers License
Olivia 39
ALERT: renting a car in france
connielw 39
Craig 31
Learning to speak passing French before my trip
Sri 37
Mid-priced Parisan neighborhood hotel?
gaylet4 39
Paris museums
lnbsig 38
How early must I arrive at CDG for a 3:30 (15:30) flight to the U.S.?
lydiabaca 37
Flying through Atlanta
Amanda 35
Tammy 36
Using cell phone as GPS
cclare 38
Traveling to Paris/CDG alone with a minor disability
SusanB 38
Paris pollution
Ginger 38
Current mood in paris.
turtlehebert01 38
worried about trip to paris
twainerm 37
how does this flat in Paris look?
Lori 38
Experience with Flat registration
Joni 37
Air B and B sanctions in Paris
transplanted 38
use your room safe!
Alexander 36
4 Days in Paris with Grandsons
Jane 38
Drinking tap water in Paris
andrei-1994 32
Packing lightly but travel in winter
cswanson701 37
Help getting a train from Paris to Rome
bluewalea 38
Why Doesn’t Rick Mention Dijon in his Books?
CaliMom 37
Realistic Expectations
ihcal 31
Pros and Cons and your personal experience of using for hotel...
ihcal 36
First-time France itinerary for October
lnbsig 36
Paris Picnic Issue Resolved in Rick's Favor! Oui on picnics & du vin!
Kent 37
Paris love locks to be removed
Dawn 36
Paris- Is it better to stay near the Louvre or Le Marais?
iatemypanda 37
Traffic violation in France without ever seeing or talking to a policeman
elaine.a.pede... 34
Versailles and The Louvre in one day?
taerbear87 36
Driving around France
nursenezza 37
sacre coeur avoid due to scamster ?
praveenroam 34
Driving in France
dianem2 37
What if I never go to Versailles?
Marie 34
Top pick for 2 museums in Paris... that aren't the Louvre or d'Orsay
pezz299 34
Tipping Paris Hotel Housekeeping
MJ 36
Is it gauche to ask for a doggy bag in Paris?
NinaMargoJune 35
4th time to Paris
lisastravels 36
Paris, best neighborhood to stay in.
vduffy 37