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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Carry-on backpack or rolling bag?
star7781 44
I did my first trial pack!
Lulu348 49
3-1-1 still enforced?
janetabbott01 49
Packing concerns due to carry-on luggage only
jamescoste 48
New strategy for packing
Tammy (aka... 50
Lightweight fabrics for travel
Lola 50
Souvenirs - Sentimentality - A Slippery Slope
avirosemail 50
RS Carry on didn’t pass KLM sizer- UPDATE: 10-yr old RS bag with 22” length.
Jean 51
Weighing of Carry on Luggage
tgreen 50
Any opinions on which rolling carry on?
katie2303 51
Losing things
Tammy (aka... 51
How many of you pack your bag 1-2 wks before you leave?
Donald 51
Affordable travel clothes? (wrinkle free, fast-drying, etc)
bmiskimens 51
Make Up or No Makeup
liz 52
Packing too early?
Libby 53
Newbie question about luggage
Cissy K 53
New carry on luggage dimensions exceed carry on max dimensions?
Ruth 52
Ladies, how to manage toiletries??
bxrlover 51
Considering an ultralight pack this year - experienced feedback, please
Jean 51
What did you pack that you should have left at home and what should you have packed...
psea 53
Uh oh, packing plan upset by new health issue
Pastelholic 53
Ugh..last minute wardrobe changes due to hot weather.
Lulu 54
DSL, compact, or iPhone camera?
vatraveler 52
Packing Cubes
Laura 52
Creative Packing Ideas or Too Much Time on Packing Forum?
Sun-Baked in... 54
Trolley Strap
Frank II 52
traveling pants and waterproof rain jacket
BethFL 54
Oh No! Holiday Travel Sales are Here!
Sun-Baked in... 54
Packing Heavy--a Saga
Frank II 52
Travel Clothes
kevinpleong 52
Alternative/Creative Travel Products
Sun-Baked in... 53
Help me build my daybag emergency kit
travel4fun 54
Carryon packing for Lufthansa - only 8kg
Barbara 56
Large, Relatively Lightweight Purse Found at TJMaxx
acraven 53
Going minimal: no extra shoes?
Tony 57
A mostly successful packing report
Meghan 57
Spinner Experience
Frank II 58
lightening that 3-1-1 bag
Nelly 59
Security with personal items while traveling???
tgreen 53
No more single-use plastic water bottles sold at SFO
christa 52
Packing Challenge (Minimalistic Packing)
PandaBear 56
The enabler is back--new Costco find!
Mardee 60
Favorite packing hacks
bjs323 59
CDC Card Protectors
Frank II 59
What didn't you use?
alc13 61
Ravenna or Rolling Carry On? Which one?
ewilliams 62
Rolling luggage vs backpack?
pleiades3 61
Tradeoff weight for space?
Stw1b 61
Just back from Italy -- here is what I was glad I packed, wished I'd packed and didn't...
Gretchen 63
Do you clean your luggage after a trip?
Pam 63