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lightweight jeans?

I don't normally pack jeans when I travel because they typically weigh too much. In the summer they are just too hot, but they might be nice to have during winter travel.

So, are there such things as jeans that are more lightweight? I am not thinking thin fabric, but made of something that that looks like denim or is denim, but with half the weight.

does such a thing exist? If so, any feedback or comments?

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Are you a man or a woman? I wear Levi's and mine are lighter weight denim than my husband's are. I travel with mine all year.

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Winter where? I wore regular jeans in March for Austria-Germany, with leggings underneath for the first week ... for December/January trips in the same area I prefer wool.

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I bought some jeans made with a lighter weight denim from NYDJ.

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NYJD is good, but also look for jeans-type slacks made of tencil. Maybe at Coldwater Creek?

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Sorry, I am a female. I'm thinking travel in fall or winter to Europe.

Or maybe someone has suggestions for warm pants that don't weigh much. I always want to pack in a carry on even during the winter. It's easy getting everything into a carry on during the summer, but more challenging when it gets cold.

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You could always wear jeggings or buy jeans with a higher amount of polyester & spandex in them. This will not only give you more stretch but the spandex will cause the jeans to dry faster. Mine are from Lee.

An alternative is to wear silk long john bottoms under your travel pants. You could also wear tights or leggings but those aren’t as slinky.

Disclosure: I’m a big advocate of filament weight silk underlayers to add warmth for winter.

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Hi, I have some lightweight black 5 pocket stretch jeans from the Liverpool Jeans Company, but they are not very warm. I have worn them on an RS tour in England in May and they were great for hiking, dry quickly, and can work for evenings. For touring in Feb/March, I prefer to wear tall leather boots with socks, a wool blend pair of slacks, a long coat (prefer Creenstone), and if it's really bad weather, I have an insulated rain skirt by Skhoop of Scandinavia that's available through REI. It un-zips on the right side, can be wrapped around your waist without going over the head or on the ground, and doubles as a throw on the bed at night. It rolls up, is lightweight, and fits in the day pack. I also use it to sit on.

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Check out Gloria Vanderbuilt Amanda stretch denim jeans. I most always travel to the UK during November or December and always take a pair of these. Compared to regular Levi's, these are lightweight. I take only a smaller roller bag for my two week visits and pack as light as possible.

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You could always buy jeans with a higher amount of polyester & spandex
in them. This will not only give you more stretch but the spandex will
cause the jeans to dry faster. Mine are from Lee.

Same here but mine are from New York & Company. I travel everywhere with them: lighter weight and very comfortable.

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I love Rohan lined jeans and they have several types of unlined jeans as well. I just bought a pair of their Venture jeans and they feel really soft and are supposed to dry overnight. I wait for sales to buy these. I have a number of pairs of the Amanda jeans mentioned below( probably the cotton ones) but would not pack them because they're too bulky. I also don't consider them to be lightweight and they would take forever to dry.

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I love my Athleta skinny jeans, year round. A tip on the Forum was to wear pants repeatedly. For my 3+ week trip to Northern Europe last summer I wore these jeans day after day since nobody knew😉. So I never washed them during the trip. After they just felt gross I switched to the second of 3, or my maxi skirt for city days.

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Most jeans with stretch are significantly lighter than the full denim, traditional jean. I wear more expensive brands in jeans - Page is my favorite, also Madewell. Nordstrom Rack (the outlet) often has premium brands on sale. However I think even Target has lighter weight jeans for cheap. Old Navy is heavier weight in my experience. Athleta has nice ones, they don’t quite fit me but I wish they did!

These are regular jeans with stretch so they weigh less than your traditional Levi’s. I’m sure there are specialty travel ones even lighter.

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Check out the Metro Leggings at the Soft Surroundings web site. They go on EVERY trip with me....lightweight, comfortable, good quality.

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I always bring black jeans, even if traveling in the summer to the UK. In non-summer months that might be all I bring. I wear NYDJ and they come in various weights and styles. All but the heaviest dry overnight unless it is particularly humid-but then nothing dries. They have stretch and are comfortable all day long. Also, I always pack in a carryon size suitcase and it's no problem fitting a couple of pair of my jeans in the carryon suitcase.

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In winter I like a knit pant, especially pointe knit. NYDJ makes some nice ones.

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Old Navy jeans are lighter than the $50 Levis jeans. What's nice about jeans is they are darker in color and stains are often invisible.
I wear jeans most all the time, but I really prefer wearing khaki pants.
Before leaving on any trip, I get my jeans and khaki pants heavily starched at the laundry. They seem to shed stains better. I can also wear them a whole week and they still look reasonably good. For a 2 week trip, I wear one pair of pants and carry two pairs in my suitcase--minimal weight.

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Do you have a pair of really comfortable jeans that you wear daily? That's what you should pack first or wear them on the plane.

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You might check The have a selection of jeans for women, but not sure how lightweight they are or the fabric.

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Jeggings are a good choice for winter travel, they are lightweight, dry easily, and warm enough for most outside activities. I have the Levi jeggings which also come in black.

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I second the suggestion to check I'm a guy and got a pair of their stretch jeans for a trip to Italy. The pants are lightweight, very comfortable and are pretty wrinkle free. My only complaint is that they are a little pricey.

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Well, I hate to add another comment because your question has been answered but I agree with the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda. Sometimes they have them at Costco, I usually find them at Penney's where they will sometimes put them on sale.

I don't travel in the hottest months, but I do wear these for travel as well as for every day wear. They were comfortable in May and June in England and Scotland. I wear them here in N. Idaho the whole winter, often with a base layer underneath. If I were going to Europe in Winter, I'd also pack a base layer. I currently like Hot Totties brand.

I sink wash on vacation and these will dry overnight.

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I agree with the Amanda jeans, very lightweight. The only bad thing is they tend to stretch out a little too much after one wear, but if you're eating a lot...they're very comfortable for airplanes though. Be sure to get the ones that have a lot of viscose and polyester, I accidentally got ones that have 98% cotton and those are heavier and not as comfortable.

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My Levi's are stretchy and lightweight. I wear them at home and when I travel. For colder weather I wear tights or thin 32 Degree pants under them. Costco carries 32 Degrees for women and men for about $6-$8 dollars.

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Jag jeans had a light small-wale corduroy pant in light blue that looks like denim. I'm thinking about taking them on my next Europe trip. These are the best, most comfortable pull-up pants/jeans I've ever had.
For my last cold-weather trip I brought a pair of golf rain pants. Obviously, the pants were great in a downpour, but they also added needed warmth when worn over any normal-weight pants or leggings, [as we do when caught in the rain on a golf course.]
Safe travels.

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Costco also has a Buffalo brand that are lightweight. In summer they will have light colors, khaki, pink, light blue, and in winter darker colors like black, dark blue and maroon. They are stretchy and straight-legged. I've taken black and khaki for travel and wear them multiple times without washing.

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In winter I prefer a pointe knit legging. My favorite is HUE Blackout Pointe legging. Extremely comfortable, warm, washes well, and perfect to tuck into winter boots. My favorite lightweight jean is Lior Paris Denim. Slim fitting with plenty of stretch. An alternative to leggings.

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My favorite jeans for home and travel are by Hudson--they are premium denim with a bit of spandex so they keep their shape beautifully, wash and dry overnight in hotel rooms, and are not thick at all so very figure-flattering. My second choice for jeans is Lucky Brand.

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I only wear jeans, all year round. Perfect for winter. You do not have to wash them every time you wear them. Wear one pair, pack a 2nd pair. That is all you need.

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I have found that JJill has a knit denim that looks like jeans. Very light weight, comfortable and do not stretch out in the knees or fanny. I have taken them on several trips and been very glad as they are not too warm in the spring and summer but comfortable in the fall. Not sure if they would be warm enough for really cold weather but would probably pair them with tights (smooth knit). They are a straight leg with a wide elastic band and very smooth under tee shirts. About to order another pair for trip to Ireland in August. Have a great trip. Oh, and I have washed them in the sink on trips and they dry pretty quickly after being rolled and squeezed in a towel!

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I like Old Navy jeans - they're lighter weight than many other jeans I've seen (and less expensive too, especially if you catch a sale). They're comfy because of the stretch. I have two pairs -- a Rockstar skinny and straight-leg boyfriend -- that have traveled to many cities around the world with me. If my destination is colder, I bring silk or wool long underwear to wear under them.

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I like the Paris Blues boyfriend jeans and Rampage bell bottoms from Beall's. In winter I also like the Land's End corduroy stretch leggings. All of these are stretchy but do not stretch out and stay too big the way the Vanderbilt jeans do. They can easily be worn for a week and look nice as long as they are put away at night and not left in a heap on the floor. We typically travel in fall and winter so I either wear them with ankle or long boots. Last time we traveled I took three jeans. I pretty much wore only two of the pairs so am paring down to two next trip.

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Patagonia Performance jeans and Banana Republic travel jeans are both thinner. As an earlier commenter noted, the stretch blends (these two are) tend to be thinner. These are men's but each has ladies' as well. Although in general ladies jeans are generally thinner to begin with. In terms of thickness, classic Levi's men's are the worst.

I've sink washed Patagonia Performance jeans easily thanks to the thinner weight and the Coolmax blend helping to distribute and dry the cotton portion. Takes about 24 hours to dry though, so only useful if you're staying in one place at least a couple of days.

FWIW the new "green" approach to jeans is to wear them until they are dank - which is usually measured in months not weeks (and certainly not mere days).

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Universal Standard makes very nice jeans that are lighter weight in come in a big range of sizes. They are my favorite clothing brand. Their tee shirts are amazing