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Zona and the Gozsdu udvar (from a PM)
James E. 1
Zero parliament availability??
goldie09 11
Zagreb to Budapest - bus or train?
pjsdoc 9
Pamela 4
Yet another train question Budapest - Salzburg
Travelmom 10
Wine tours in Hungary vs. Prague
kmjo7d 3
winery tour in Budapest?
merrytraveler 11
Which & How Many Cities to Stay Overnight Between Budapest & Prague?
susachi 9
which hotel location in Budapest . . . and other stuff
Chani 4
Which Budapest train station is "best" coming from Munich?
Faith 14
Which book
mgangemi 6
Where would you stay the second time around
James E. 7
Where to stay, Pest or Buda for 2.5 Days
dgreeney 9
themays 12
Where to stay in Budapest?
istvandesiderata 9
Where to stay for first time Budapest?
sally 17
Where to get a hotel in Budapest, plus transportation
rrschlechter 6
Where to eat in Budapest
James E. 36
where to eat in Budapest?
Laura 24
where to do currency exchange in Budapest or should I even try
cherokee180flyn 12
Where to buy US-drugstore-type items (i.e. Shampoo) in Budapest?
Barbara 16
Where to buy Rick Steve's' book in Budapest
Russell 5
Where to buy Rick Steve's' book in Budapest
Russell 6
Where is the best place to stay in Budapest to get best cultural experience?
acamilleking 6
Where did it go?
judithchristia 8
Where can i purchase a cheap phone in Hungary or Croatia
rawart2006 0
What to do in Budapest on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
carole.bando 4
What to do in Budapest?
kthlnkitty2002 6
What's this WAMP thing?
Richard 2
What's needed for "Free Travel" within Budapest
keri 4
What sites- if any - should I pre-buy for Budapest in June?
Valerie 1
What shouldn't be missed when visiting Hungary
patty 6
What's a generous daily budget for dining?
avirosemail 16
what am I missing if I drop Budapest from Prague-Vienna-Budapest itinerary?
MariaF 17
We'll be taking a 3 day trip from Budapest to Serbia & Romania and back in June, 2014
karenbjones42 4
We leave for Budapest next Saturday..and arrive at Airport on Sunday
mikewade98 5
Welcome to Hungary!!
James E. 12
Welcome to Budapest
James E. 23
Weekends in Budapest - May
CdnTraveller 7
Weekend in Budapest
Pamela 2
website to order cab in Budapest?
Vivian 1
Walking tours
sally 12
Walking Tour or Bus Tour
elenadelbosque 1
Walking to See Architecture, Budapest
jen 11
visting the Szechenyl baths
pgoldstein 3
Visiting the Hungarian Parliament using a non-English guided tour
istvandesiderata 15
Viking Cruise. Leaving Budapest September 28th???
Judy 2
Vignette for a rental car in Hungary
Jane 1
Vienna to Budapest via Bratislava
Sharon M. 13
Vienna to Budapest: Getting [much cheaper] MAV tickets outside of Hungary
mavstart 4