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What to do in Budapest on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

My family will be spending Christmas in Budapest this year. I would love to hear suggestions regarding what we might do on those days. Thank you.

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We've spent a couple of Christmas' in Budapest
It's not"exciting",but we love it. There are the Christmas Markets, the concerts and the plays and the operas and the jazz clubs. thee are the views across the river under incredible bright blue skies. last year the river froze over literally before our eyes and there are the lights and and the Christmas feeling in the air. and if you get really lucky there is the snow.

this year we arrive on the 29th so we will miss a bit of it. but we will see New Year before moving on to Lviv for Orthodox Christmas celebrations and markets and .... etc.

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Also plan for the 26th, which is also a holiday in Hungary.

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My wife and I spent Christmas in Budapest in 2015. We really enjoyed ourselves. During our visit there was no snow and it more or less foggy the whole time. Hungarians do much of their Christmas stuff on Christmas Eve so the city starts shutting down that afternoon. I don’t really remember what we did, but my pictures indicate that we mostly walked around. We had our traditional Christmas dinner of pizza and Champagne in our apartment. The Champagne was pretty good, it was from Italy and cost about $6.00 at the local supermarket.

In the morning of Christmas Day we took the underground and a trolley line to the very end and road the Children’s railway from one end to the other and then took the trolley back and the underground and back to our start Deak Ferenc Ter. Riding a trolley the very end is always interesting and the Children’s railway was fun. At one end the trolley was cog wheel because of the steep hill.

In the afternoon we shopped the Christmas markets which were going full blast. We had no trouble finding someplace to eat lunch. That evening we went to the Danube Symphony which was followed by a dinner cruise on the Danube. The food was so so. But the dinner was interesting because we were seated with a couple of Moslem families from the Emirates.

Earlier in the week we took a cooking class, did a photo walk, and a desert walk.

We quite enjoyed ourselves. I am ready to go back to Budapest again!