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Winter Day Trips

Hey all, we will be in Budapest late November to Early December. We have our plans made for everything we want to do except we have one free day that we would like to take a day trip. I have read and researched many of the places to visit for a day trip but I am specifically looking for which day trips would be best the 1st week of December primarily due to the colder weather. We don't mind cold weather and walking around in it just looking for suggestions in case certain things are closed or not operating that time of the year. Thanks!

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The standard day trip is Szentendre and since it will be Christmas, it will be a good time to visit. With a driver you could do Szentendte and one other town on the bend (Esztergom or Visegtad). By train, just Szentendre.

Across the river from the towns of the bend, Vac is interesting and close

If your idea af a day trip is 12 hours, then Pecs, Eger and Gyor/Pannonhalma are all doable, but for me I would spend the night and take an early train back to Budapest.

There are often some interesting things going on in some of the surrounding communities, but I would need to search by date.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
Oh, take a bus or train to Eger and spend the night at the Hotel Senator. Really, this is a great place to go and a great place to stay. The city is compact.

Or leave Budapest early and take an early night train back. Riding through the Hungarian countryside by train at night. Pretty neat.

wayne iNWI