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Where did it go?

We visited Budapest exactly two years ago. We had such a lovely time, we decided to visit again. We are here now.
One of the places we enjoyed most was a street market of sorts—little cabins of local crafts, lots of food places with picnic tables outside, and just a general family friendly ambiance. This market was right across from the Hard Rock Cafe...maybe Vorosmarty ter?

Anyway, when we went there today, it was GONE!!

Does anyone know if it has been relocated, even temporarily, as it looks like the place is under reconstruction?
If so, please share.
Thank you.

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Are you sure it was not in December for the Christmas Market?

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We have only visited one other time and that was exactly two years ago...the pictures keep popping up on my FB timeline, too. Plus, the only Christmas markets we have visited were in Nov/Dec 2017...France, Germany, and Austria.
I suspect, however, that the same cabin-like buildings we visited two years ago here in Budapest in April/May, were probably used for Christmas markets in Budapest.

Perhaps the Christmas market, thus the buildings, have been relocated.

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Based on location, maybe it was this, from p. 261 of RS Budapest, next operating on May 5:

Check to see if you’re in town for the Wamp Design Fair. One or two Sundays each month, dozens of local artists and designers gather to show off their products (free entry, 11:00-19:00, schedule at In summer, this takes place in the city-center Elisabeth Square, while off-season it moves to an indoor venue at Millenáris Park (on the Buda side, near M2: Széll Kálmán tér).

I also see a Spring and Easter Fair which would usually be at Verosmarty Ter, but was moved this year, now finished.

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Don't know about crafts but there is a place on my to do list after watching a YouTube video. It's called Karavan located at 18 Kazinczy it's a Budapest 1075. It's. All food trucks.

If you go please post a review.

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That sounds like the Easter market at Vorosmarty ter, I was lucky to catch the tail end of it myself 2 years ago and also be there for the wonderful May Day festivities—wish I could be there today, but the 9th will have to do, counting the days!

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Vörösmarty tér

Not to be confused with Vörösmarty utca; also a stop on the M1 Metro Line.

Both named after Mihály Vörösmarty (1800 to 1855) famous Hungrain Poet and Dramatist.