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Where to get a hotel in Budapest, plus transportation

Hi, our return flight leaves Budapest at 6AM. So, I'm wondering if there is a decent hotel near the airport, and is there transportation into the city??


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You didn't say how long you were staying in Budapest. Staying near the Airport just isn't worth what you loose by not being in the center of the city. Taxi are to the airport from most of central Pest is about $35 and the ride at that hour of the morning takes less than 40 minutes. I know, I've been on a lot of 6 am flights out of Budapest. From the airport into the city use Fotaxi. They have a kiosk right outside the arrivals hall. Again, about $35, clean, safe, easy. Returning to the airport I like to use City Taxi because I like them a little more. Their number is +36 1 211 1111

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I did that run this past Tuesday. From near the Western Train Station in Pest it took just over 30 minutes at that hour and I gave the cabbie 8000HUF if I remember correctly. See the thread on hotel in Pest for my suggestion. of a reasonable hotel. An additional clue, getting to the airport real early isn't particularly helpful. I was flying KLM and they didn't open the baggage checkin til a little before 5AM. So if you've checked in by smart phone or even at the airport automated kiosk you will be waiting for someone to take any checked luggage. But you will be at the head of the line.

OBTW, they (KLM and all the others it appears) are now seeking additional revenue sources and they're being anal about bag sizes and weights. Depending on your destination you're allowed 23Kg for a checked bag and 12Kg for your combined carry aboard. And yes KLM at least was checking sizes of rollie bags.(have to fit within their gauges) and weighing the combined roll-on and personal item which can have a max weight of 12Kg. If you're not real good at translating that's 50.5lbs and 26lbs. A combined weight of 76.5 lbs which is pretty hefty. But I was pushing the limits as I had 5 swords and heavy fencing gear. Surprisingly they didn't get particularly curious about the size of the checked bag which was also pushing the limits.

Best of luck.

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We stayed at Grand Market Apartments in Budapest, which is 100 yards from Kálvin Square tram stops and steps away from the large Vásárcsarnok Market. The river and the newest subway station is about 100 yards away. It was a magnificent apartment with a full kitchen for about 70 Euros. They can be contacted @ Email

The larger taxi services can schedule an early morning pickup for a ride to the airport.

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James, I cannot tell you how many people we've run into that are wanting to go return to Budapest--over other European cities. The atmosphere was just so much better than Prague, and prices of hotels, etc. was so reasonable in Hungary.

We try not to go to Europe every year to keep the "special" in our trips. Canada is a great place to go in off years. We also take a cruise most years.

We're going from Vegas to Honolulu and back through San Francisco in February, That's on budget airlines for 1/2 what a European airfare would cost.

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I go to Hungary every year or every other year to visit family. While I'm in Budapest, I've stayed at Ibis by Hero's Square. Parking and close to transportation downtown (Metro 1). Nice clean hotel very reasonable cost. For longer stays, I have rented apartments. There are many sites that have good deals. For a place next to the airport, I've stayed at the Sarokház Panzió. Nice, cheap and free ride to the airport.