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Recommended Books & Movies

What books and movies made your trip better?

Movies and recreational reading can make your sightseeing a lot more fun and meaningful. Which films and books carbonated your travel experience best?

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British TV series—-not crime or detective
Lola 70
British detective series?
Lola 58
Poland Reading and Viewing
Dave 56
Help with finding a new series to watch
Lola 44
Which to believe? Bill Bryson, or Escape to the Country?
MariaF 40
"The Rape of Europa" movie/ book for real story behind Hollywood's "The Monuments Men"
Kent 34
Ken Burns Documentary "Hemingway" on PBS
Rebecca 37
Tonight on PBS: "Secrets of The Dead; King Arthur's Lost Kingdom" at 9 PM
Rebecca 35
Books that influenced your travel addiction
Allan 34
Holiday vs. Vacation: which do you prefer?
avirosemail 31
Let's start a list of books and games to send to grandkids
Lola 29
Midnight in Paris
Continental 28
Travel videos
AMann 26
TV shows or movies set in your upcoming travel location
roubrat 25
New Netflix Norwegian TV Series
dclawyer 18
Is anyone watching the Seahawks v Tampa Bay game being played in Munich?
Lola 24
I thought I had our Italy itinerary set... until I found a new book by Frances Mayes
Jane 23
New book by Seth Kugel
Lane 22
Somebody Feed Phil
diveloonie... 22
The Dig - Archaeological Story
Linda 18
The Hiding Place
Jane 21
Look Who's Back - a humorous yet sobering look at today's Germany
Carlos 21
Language study in preparation for future travel
chs11 18
RS Italy Guidebook 2017 vs. RS Italy Guidebook 2018
mariagambrelli 19
Movies about Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest
herronlaw 20
Movies to help travel vicariously
Lola 20
Anne of the Thousand Days, Turner Classic Movies; 7 PM Central time USA
Rebecca 19
"Vermeer's Hat"
Jane 19
A Bag of Marbles
David 19
Are there any books for Teens traveling alone in Europe?
turkeyfeathers32 18
The books we carry, boiled down to the essence
zagfam 18
France - History and Art
Jane 18
Mysteries set in Rome?
Helen 17
Babylon Berlin
bxrlover 17
$5 Books are awesome! Get yours now!
wbfey1 17
The average tourist
Allan 17
Preparing for England
Jane 14
Anthropoid - new movie about the Heydrich assassination in Prague
christa 16
"Around the World" on PBS
David 16
Rick Steve Kindle editions
Claudia A. 16
Rick Steves' kindle books
twilightrabbit 15
"The Story of Europe" - looking for similar docuseries
GlennH 15
UK television
Frances in... 15
Seaside Hotel, a wonderful Danish Series!
Judy B 15
Happy 135th Anniversary to Holmes and Watson
avirosemail 15
4 year old Paris book vs 2017 Paris book
nicole 14
A good history of Poland for the layperson
Judy B 14
Kanopy streaming service
Andrew 13
Is Paris Burning?
Craig 13
Books for South England Villages Tour
Jane 10