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Is anyone watching the Seahawks v Tampa Bay game being played in Munich?

Or is anyone there in Munich and at the game? Seahawks could use a cheering section. . ..

It is on TV now (8 am Pacific time).

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It's not on over-the-air TV here in Denver, but I am following it on Looks like Seattle could be about to make the score close.

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Fumble at the TB13. Seattle self-destructs again.

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I think it’s only on in our market through NFL Network and our ATT service doesn’t offer it. Any other ideas?

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Yes, watching the game at home in West Seattle while multi tasking (researching Portugal trip). Maybe I should pause the research and send some good vibes to the Hawks. They need some help

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Not on ABC in the Denver area.

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The forward pass is illegal in rugby, but a big part of American football, which makes American football exciting. American football used to be boring like rugby, until they invented the forward pass.

Long time (ago) Ohio State foorball coach, Woody Hayes, eschewed the forward pass. He said when you throw the ball, one of three things happens, and two of them are bad.

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Just noticed that the game was on TV but in paralell there was a soccer match. Ja well ..... warched the Bundesliga soccer match.
But at least Munich's Allianz Arena also works for other than soccer.

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“Sad ending for our home team.” It was fun watching King5 this past week. They highlighted the huge fan presence in Munich. Looks like a great city to visit.

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Happily this debacle was on at a time when most/many of us here were asleep, and did not have to endure the ugliness.

The 3 less hours of jet lag for Tampa was good for at least a TD.

Yes, jet lag is real.

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I was thinking about jet lag,too. I think they should have taken teams from the east coast or at least 2 teams from the same coast. It sure looked like the 12s were well represented, and nice that the Seahawks practice squad player born in Germany led the team on the field.

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Well, I’m from Tampa, so I was pleased with the outcome! It was fun watching the enthusiastic Germans in the stands.

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I saw on TV that the crowd sang Take Me Home, Country Roads. Chills!

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I have a hard time understanding that as complex and non-intuitive the US football game is, that it would have a following among European countries that would support regular games there. Ex-pats, I understand. Any enlightenment?

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My brother had this conversation with a couple of people in Germany whom he knows well. They said it goes way back to post WWII in the huge section of Germany that had a military presence for many years following the war. That was their explanation.

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I have a hard time understanding that as complex and non-intuitive the
US football game is, that it would have a following among European
countries that would support regular games there. Ex-pats, I
understand. Any enlightenment?

Stan, Peter King from NBC is my go-to NFL writer on Monday mornings. Here's a link to this morning's column.

And a quote within the article;

“It is pure, and it is awesome,” Tomsula said. “It’s a part of America
that people here just love. To people in Germany, football represents
the dream of America, and America is still the sparkling star that
intrigues the hell out of everybody. With our team, the pageantry just
grabs fans. They drink, they dress up, they sing, they chant. It’s a
rockin’-ass party for three hours.”

He said people in Germany were blown away that the NFL would send Tom
Brady to play a real game over here. I told him that Chicago-based
sports consultant Marc Ganis said Brady playing in Germany would be
like the Beatles playing in New York in the sixties.

“The comparison to the Beatles is spot on,” Tomsula said. “Sunday will
be unbelievable. I’m telling you, people in Germany will cry, they’ll
be so happy.”

My favourite part of the column though was about a Danish reporter sent to cover the game;

Denmark was here. Danish reporter Kasper Skipper from TV2, the NFL
rights-holder there, covered the game. I asked him about football in
his country.

“It has a following in Denmark,” Skipper said, “but it’s not quite
[team] handball or badminton.”

Well then. The NFL has some work to do in Scandinavia. But they’re in
pretty good shape in Germany.

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Allan, I dont buy it. Network self-promotion and marketing. I don't believe that they worship Tom Brady or that he's a household name in Germany. I think it's about some people liking colorful violence disguised as an athletic competition. Or maybe it's about gambling and cheerleaders. I don't suppose baseball is as popular over there? 🙂

PS, yes I'm a Chiefs fan. But I grew up with it.

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Rugby is so bloody boring compared to the NFL.

Bloody is right..... "Donate Blood - Play Rugby"

No giant helmets or body armour required in Rugby

A real man's (and woman's) game, even played well in wheelchairs