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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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What to pack for 5 weeks!
Kathi 29
Today's Costco run
Laura B 28
Why does it feel like I'm packing more non-clothing than clothing?
keporter 28
How small can you go? Backpack question
cathyvonderhaar 31
Manly shoulder bag
Oldtimer 31
So where do you pack the copies?
kknipfel 30
A Question for those who sew....
Frank II 31
Backpack---what's with the hands free?
Wray 31
What do you have in your day bag
Mira 30
travel essentials for a young solo traveler
Ruth 30
carry on or checking in luggage at the airport?
Joe 30
Packable women’s hat?
Lulu348 31
Rain coat purchase - would like input
Steph 31
Switch to a 20-inch Rolling Suitcase?
Laura 32
I really don't want to buy a pacsafe purse..ideas for securing the one I have.
Lulu 32
Carry-on luggage
Josey 29
The never-ending daypack quest
SandraL 31
Summer 2016 What I Saw Europeans Wear - Switzerland (with a comment on London)
Debbie 32
Question for those that own the Veloce shoulder bag
Margaret 32
Money belts/security for women
rizell 30
The Pesky Personal Item (British Airways)
hrg32no2 31
Need Recommendations for hard shell spinner carryon size
cala 32
No safe - now what?
kknipfel 32
Which packing cubes are better?
M 32
Best shoulder sling type bag/purse
Judy 32
How much does your packed bag weigh?
Sue 30
Packable 'straw' hat?
edgefield 32
Travel shoes for teens... Yikes.
Sleight 32
Carry On
alikras 32
Bathing/Face Cloths
kdh 32
Compression Packing Cubes: Worth It or Not?
sdluzania 32
Super Ultra-light packing advice please, ladies especially!
Pastelholic 33
Blow dryers at hotels?
Linda 33
what to do on the plane?
horsewoofie 33
Rick Steves Civita Money belt worth getting
jmjbrtw 33
Locking checked bags
Pam in MN 33
What do you curly hair people take in the quart size bag?
venotraci 32
Advice on hats
KER 33
lightweight jeans?
rizell 33
Best Carry-on Luggage for Europe
Melissa 32
Rick Steves light luggage
ncangelose 33
CDC Vaccination Card holders
Carol 33
Going lightweight: What kind of bag for exploring for the day while luggage is in hotel?
zimm17 33
what is the cheapest carry on bag i can buy for 21 day tour?
hockmasm 32
Laundry detergent within TSA limit
epltd 34
Let's talk locks
SandraL 33
A few things you should remember to pack...
tgreen 34
Suitcase challenge
leti_35 34
Anyone use combo packing method?
sandybwb 34
Rain/wind jacket help please.
g.hbliss 34