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Travel size bottles

I need help finding travel sized bottles that can handle a product with alcohol. All the ones I have say no alcohol.

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So you need glass. I just noticed near the check-out stand at my local grocery store a display of those little one-serve bottles of whiskey, etc. (I live in New Orleans, home of Everyone Sells Alcohol All the Time.) If you prefer a different product with alcohol than the whiskey, etc. in those bottles you could decant - or drink - the contents, then use the bottle for your product. Just a thought...

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It should be easy to find small travel size glass bottles at a craft store like Michaels or JoAnn, or maybe at a Dollar Tree in their craft aisle. It's also possible they may have some other than glass that will take alcohol. Aren't some of the little bottles of hand sanitizer with alcohol? Maybe you could empty one of them and clean it out.

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I agree it's glass that you need. Amazon has some that are intended for essential oils, but could be used for anything. There are many, many options, this is just one.

I also agree that the quicker, probably cheaper option unless you need many, is a trip to the liquor store.

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Doesn't have to be glass. My rubbing alcohol is sold in plastic bottles. The idea of a hand sanitizer bottle isn't a bad one.

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What kind of alcohol? The recommendations for glass are not valid. Spirits are packaged in those tiny plastic bottles for airplanes. That same material is readily available in larger models. Plenty of outdoor products on the market designed to carry wine or spirits. Some are plastic, some are lined aluminum or steel.

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I need to take 3 oz of a pre-shave lotion that has an alcohol base. I'm looking for something plastic rather than glass.

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Hmm. How do you even figure that out? Frank II, was it you that recommended some IKEA products? I can't see anything yeah or nay to the liquid content for Forfina travel pack - and due to their shape, they don't have wasted space.
Or, and this may result in a conflict of scent, but can you buy a cheap substitute that is in a 3 oz bottle, and just switch it out?...or default to the hand sanitizer container....

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Nalgene might be the answer.

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I think I found this place from someone here on this forum, several years ago. Ha, I just looked and it appears you have to order a case. Oh well. (editing again. some you can but in small quantities but shipping may be prohibitive.)

Have you checked the Container Store? I've found all kinds and sizes of travel bottles there.

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My local natural grocery/drug store has a large section devoted to "make your own" beauty/health products. They sell every kind of bottle and container known to man. Maybe you have a similar store where you live?

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No it doesn't need to be glass. I took a small amount of rubbing alcohol on my last trip in an inexpensive plastic bottle. I think it had come for a set of cheap travel bottles. I did add a bit of cling film between the screw cap and bottle and I put it in its own snack sized ziploc. Didn't have any problems.

I would not use silicone. I've had ordinary liquids begin to evaporate in those. At the end of any trip I take care to finish up whatever is in them and wash for the next trip otherwise I end up with thick sludge that's hard to use.

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Whole Foods has small glass bottles in its healthcare/cosmetics section. I bought one because I wanted a spray attachment. But the small liquor bottle option sounds good to me.

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I would avoid packing glass if you can. Go with silicone travel bottles or perhaps acrylic. If you must pack with glass, I'll be sure to wrap in bubble wrap or some other type of cushioning and place in a ziploc bag in case they break or leak.

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MariaF--I have the Ikea Forfina bottles in my storage unit. I'm going there tomorrow to see if there is any warning about alcohol. If not, they may work. (I forgot I had them.)

Silicone won't work as they say no alcohol. Plus they are difficult to clean.

The Container Store didn't have what I needed. I can't find Nalgene with the type of dispenser I need in 3 oz.

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With 10 of those Ikea bottles, it you have some time before travel you can put some in a size you are willing to lose to testing purposes and see what happens....or call/email Ikea and ask.
You are welcome.

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The Ikea webpage doesn't provide any information about contents suitability but it does say:

Product details
FÖRFINA containers are adapted in size so that you can take permitted volumes of liquids with you when you fly.
Comprises: 2 pc 15ml, 4 pc 40 ml and 2 pc 90ml.
Read more

Materials & care

Polyethylene plastic

Polypropylene plastic

EVA plastic

100% polyester