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General Europe

Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries

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What other cities/country to visit during Amsterdam trip
benjybronk 6
What other islands beside Santorini and Mykonos do you recommend?
Maggie 8
what place have you added to your travel list.....
Barbara 27
What place in Europe do you now go to just relax?
Artificial... 24
What postings on the Travel Forum have you found helpful or most thought provoking?
Craig 12
What's a better day trip: Bern or Annecy in May?
kelsey.joyce 6
what's a fair exchange?
Katherine 6
What’s An Appropriate Tip For…
Susan 13
What's App for iPad
bostonphil7 16
What says
Sherry 9
What Scandinavian country for trekking?
simran 5
What's going on in Turkey?
Kim 24
What should a hotel with a 9.1 booking com rating be like?
jules m 32
What should I book first?
David 22
What should I do
marticab 13
What should I do? Newbie traveling to Europe
Debbie 33
What should I tip, what should I wear, and all those other conformity questions ...
Allan 37
what should we use to call back to the USA while in Europe?
Arlene 10
What’s In Your Passport?
mlbruels5 19
What size backpack?
Scott 10
What size "Packing Folder" fits in an RS carryon bag??
Skip 9
What size suitcase would you take?
Nicole 14
What size towel?
Susan and Monte 17
What size travel towel??
Skip 19
What size Ziploc for toiletries
Melanie 2
What's next after Italy?
Tod 11
What soap to use for clothes?
John 41
What some must sees on the Best of Europe in 21 Days, on free time?
Kathy 3
What's on your spreadsheet?
Zoe 56
What's REALLY important?
Melissa 10
What's stopping you from traveling?
forshamina 49
What's the best accommodation comparison site?
davcamp 11
What's the best place to get Euros in the US?
fernando 21
What's the best sim card to use while traveling in Central Europe?
richardson5810 5
What's the best way to find decent hotels on short notice?
Judey 10
What's the Cost?
Ed 25
What's the deal with "Doing" this, "Doing" that?
Mack 64
What's the difference?
Allan 71
What's the MOST you've ever packed?
Karen 23
Whats the weather in switzerland in mid Oct?
Megan 3
What stop should we add in to our France and Italy trip?
CG712 3
What STYLE of shoes?
Cynthia 25
What's up with All Topics?
Mardee 1
What's up with
Sasha 9
What surprised you on your first visit?
David in... 60
What's with all these old threads popping up today?
CJean 13
What's with the travelers checks haters?
Jason 19
What's wrong with being a tourist?
Christi 28
What's wrong with doing it yourself ?
David in... 35
What's your "Best of Europe in 21 Days"?
Lane 5