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General Europe

Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries

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White House says no vaccine passports
Frank II 52
White Noise
John 10
Who's coming to the Denver meeting?
Lee 23
Who are the best English speakers in Europe? (article)
MarkK 49
Who are the world's best tourists?
Sharon 5
Who are you and why are you traveling to Europe?
Laura K. 26
Whoa! Who Moved My Nutella?!?
Eileen 18
Who coming to Panera, Aspen Grove, next Saturday
Lee 6
Who do you blame, the airline or the passenger?
Allan 75
Who do you prefer to travel with?
Jessica 68
Who Else Is Tired Of This?
Andrea 61
Who here is a FF Points Fanatic?
Gretchen 10
Who is Going this Year?
Mister É... 118
Who is holding on to old traveler's checks?
Allen 14
Who is Watching the Womens' World Cup in Germany?
Ms. Jo 13
Who knows the names of city centers in these countries
Nancy 14
Wholesale flights . com
Darrell 1
Who owns who?
Frank II 20
Who's coming to the Denver travel group meeting
Lee 9
Who signs a minor's passport?
Louis 5
Who the Heck is James E??
Mister É... 57
Who wears "short shorts"???
Barb 36
Why Airline Service is NOT going to get better
Frank 9
Why all the stress about laundry?
Tami 34
Why are airbnb reviews universally positive? How to make a mild negative comment?
mlstimetotravel 24
Why are airfares so high?
Dina 21
Why are there so many crazy passengers on US airlines?
heather 36
Why are the thread time stamps all mixed up tonight?
Mona 7
Why are you going to Europe?
BigMikeWestBy... 41
Why are you here?
Allan 47
Why Barcelona is a street crime hotspot
Frank II 12
Why can I not call Ryanair by phone in Canada
nicole.budnick 5
Why did my iPhone and laptop chargers die?
Daniel 16
Why didn't I think of this.....
Ken 11
Why did the website stop sending emails when people posted their responses.
Ann 6
Why do <b>you </b>go to Europe?
Kent 11
Why does everyone not want to be thought of as a tourist?
Elaine 57
Why does every say to slow down?
douglas 47
Why does Rick promote the myth that camping and cooking gear are related?
ed 20
Why does Rick Steves...
Roy 11
Why do flights from Liverpool to Shannon show as 7 h long?
quince15uk 5
Why do <i>you </i>go to Europe?
Kent 132
Why don&#39;t people say &quot;thanks&quot;???
Sasha 19
Why don&#39;t people trust guidebooks
Nigel 35
Why do people delete their own (non-controversial) posts?
Lola 42
Why do so many Americans seem to get jet lag?
AussieNomad 74
Why do so many European based people read this website??
Alan 23
Why do they call it an Oyster Card?
Kevin 7
Why Do We Return?
Zoe 61
why do you do these helpful things?
Ronald 44