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What best travel bottles to get for liquid carry ons?

I see several brands/types of liquid bottles for travel carryons to fit the TSA requirements for max 3 oz; liquid; they seems to vary in price and quality greatly? What do people suggest are the best ones to get??


Pam Gosling
Bay Point, CA

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This one went around a couple months back. General vote: Walmart has 4 different shapes/featured bottles clearly marked 3 oz for $ .50 each.

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One question I had when reading your post is whether the TSA requires original labeling on the less than 3 oz. containers. You might want to verify that it is permissible to self-fill bottles and that they don't have to be commercially labeled with the contents (at the same time, how would the TSA know that the original contents were in those originally labeled bottles?). Anyway, I thought I'd mention it because I have this nagging feeling that I might have read something somewhere about this. I'd check out the TSA's website to be sure.

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Nalgene - No leak (look specifically for that)
The Container store and search on line for them.

You can buy them in the 3oz size.

I've found the screw tops work best and I have item I prefer the flip top that I carry along and change it after I arrive.

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I checked the web site at the Container Store as well as the Nalgene site and there are not 3 oz. bottles available, everything else but not 3 oz. If there is some other source for Nalgene 3 oz. please pass it on.

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the TSA says 3 oz bottles that fit into a quart bag (no specifications on original labels) Experiences says if the bottle isn't clearly labled the TSA inspector gets to decide which is why I like the Walmart cheap ones. They are really nice, come with screw lids, flip lids, the lids that tilt open, and spray bottles, all clearly marked 3 oz/89 ml.

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Go to the dollar store and buy something that is the exact bottle you want. Use or dump out the dollar liquid. Most travel bottles (except from Container Store) leak when any amount of pressure is put on them. But, if the item doesn't leak when squeezed in the dollar store, you are in luck!

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I'm with Linda--I just returned from a 3-week trip to Italy and took the Wal-Mart 3-ounce flip-top bottles and liked them very much. They're only 50 cents each and come in different shapes, including a squeezable version.

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Thanks all of you for the information; very helpful;


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I use the Wal-Mart brand and have never had a problem with leaking. Also, having flown too many times to count since last summer, I've never had any problem with unlabeled bottles as long as they are 3oz. or less. This includes flying through both Heathrow and Gatwick last fall. I wouldn't use the 4 oz. bottles since they are larger than regulation. One funny story - I recently saw a lady try to go through security with several 1 quart bags of liquids. She just didn't get that 1 was all that was allowed and had brought all these little bottles full of liquids. She had to leave and check her bag.